When The Hell Breaks

Time is Short...We Are In Our Last Warnings

The Prologue

    What follows is not the sort of thing normal people enjoy reading.   But the times we are discussing are not going to be normal.   Harsh times are coming, and that is why it is imperative that you think these things through now.

    Normal people in America are tender-hearted and want to help people.  They want to gather in their improvident relatives (or friends and neighbors) and care for them like a mother hen cares for her chicks.

    But we tend to forget how spoiled we are in today's America.  If you take in your children, and your children's children, ask yourself this question:  How well do you really know them?  How are they likely to behave when they are cut off from their friends, their junk food, and boom boxes and television sets?

    In short, ask yourself whether the people you take into your home are likely to be assets or liabilities.

    It is sobering to realize that all too soon, your very survival may depend on the answer to this question.

    No, you won't like what you are about to read--not if you're normal.  But when you read, pray, and think on these things, you will begin to understand the spirit and determination of the pioneers who built America.  Folks, we are going to need people of this same spirit and determination to rebuild America after this Coming Chastisement.


    First, let us quote some salient points from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor,Special Report, May, 2006:
"Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans, encouraged by the Fed, the government, and the real estate and mortgage industries, have plunged mindlessly into the most speculative, overpriced, overleveraged real estate market (bubble) in U.S. history (i.e. 40% of homes purchased in the past 12 months were second homes bought with little equity and primarily for speculation."

    If you're one of those who have invested speculatively in this bubble, you'd better have a food storage program and some cash on hand, as well as some gold and silver, and some means to protect the little bit you've got when the hell breaks.

    A civil war is spreading throughout the Persian Gulf region, and there's an "approaching American-Iranian nuclear confrontation."

"If America (or Israel) attacks Iran, the price of oil is likely to spike to $100 a barrel or more and if Iran responds with an oil embargo or attacks on Persian Gulf shipping or attempts to close down the Strait of Hormuz, oil could spike to $150 to $200 literally overnightand gold could spike to $800-$1,000 in short order."

    This means that food in your grocery store, or the vitamins that you buy at your natural foods store, and many other products you purchase regularly, because of the petroleum-based plastic containers, trays and so forth, and the fertilizer needed to grow those foods, and the fact that petroleum touches practically every aspect of our life; you will find that an exorbitant amount of money is needed to purchase these products.

    One thing that you can do now while it is still feasible and under your control is (1) buy gold, (2) buy silver, (3) store food and get a (4) British Berkfield or similar style water purification unit and a number of extra filters. You're going to need this. Heed the warning now.

    You will also need to have on hand (5) cash for at least 3 - 6 months to cover your everyday expenses when the hell breaks.

    Another good company to order gold and silver from in addition to others mentioned on this site is Don Mcalvany's International Collectors Associates at 1-800-525-9556. We have received numerous inquiries about ordering gold and silver off the internet. McAlvany says, and others similarly, "Do not buy coins from dealers on the internet. Many of these are scams and will keep your money but will not deliver your coins. Many will try to draw you in with coin prices which are below true market value. Caveat Emptor!" He further suggests, "Don't buy precious metals on leverage," and "Never store coins with a coin dealer." The dealers that we mention on this Web Site are very reputable and can be trusted.

    Some stored foods, I do not recommend eating on a daily basis, such as powdered milk and TVP, except when the storm comes...ANY port in a storm.

Outdoor Cooking:

  1. Hearth

    1. Set your back yard up now for outdoor cooking on a hearth, so you can use logs or charcoal. You will eventually run out of propane, and you can only store so many bulky bags of charcoal.
    2. Also, we learned the hard way that charcoal, if stored too long, turns to powder. However, charcoal powder (and briquets) is excellent for deodorizing your yard, along with the hydrated lime powder.
    3. For those who want to set up a hearth, I have baked bread, biscuits and cheesecake, the ultimate dessert, in a Dutch oven camp stove, on my backyard hearth. If you can do those items, you can cook everything on down, because these are at the height of skill in cooking for a backyard, basic hearth.

  2. Building A Hearth

    1. To Build a hearth, level a 4-foot square area of ground.
    2. Place a 4" X 16" X 16" concrete base in the center. On each of three of the sides place a 12" X 8" concrete block, and stack these blocks on the sides and back of the base, building up a hollow for the base. Your charcoal, coals, wood, etc. goes on the base in a circle the size of your Dutch oven. You should have a Dutch oven on legs, which is known as a camp stove, for this kind of cooking.
    3. Fill your pot with the food you're going to cook and place the lid on top. Set it on the coals and cook until contents are done. To give a crust to the top, place 8 or 9 coals in a circle on the camp stove lid. If you make dumplings or biscuits, place them on top of your stew, put the lid on top and place the hot coals on top of your stew, put the lid on top and place hot coals on the lid. This will brown the tops of your biscuits. After 15 - 30 minutes, give the lid a quarter-turn so the biscuits will brown evenly.

    As you can see, this is going to take one or two afernoons, with some outdoor cooking, to get the practice, and you will discover what else you need, like long tongs to move the coals about.

    Practice now. You'll be ready and secure when the time comes. Knowing that you have food stored and a means of protecting your family and feeding your family, and knowing how to use that food, which we discuss below, relieves a tremendous amount of stress and its attendant problems. Just losing your job because of the downturn in the market, and it takes you 6 months to a year to get another job, your cash stored and your food preparations mean that you have time to look for a quality job without the attendant stresses of feeding your family and worrying about where the cash is going to come from to pay your bills. So store enough cash that will cover your monthly bills, per month, for at least 6 months.

    However, to show you how bad off America is, when I lecture, where ever I am invited, I am told, "What? I can't store any cash or any food.

    I've got three new cars in my driveway that I'm making payments on, and I have a house note, plus insurance, cell phone, satellite dish TV...ad infinitum to ad nauseam." These are the people that will probably lose everything because they bought TOO MUCH, and they're not willing to make a change now in their life by changing their lifestyles. How? Get out of debt now! Turn loose of something. Make do with what you've got after you turn loose of one or two automobiles.

    Dr. Gary North, an economic historian, writes that he never buys a new car now. It's always 6 or more years old. That way, when he drives off the dealer's parking lot, it doesn't depreciate by several thousand dollars. Even after having the cars fixed, he winds up paying far, far less on a monthly basis than someone making monthly notes on a new car.

    Folks, if you want to survive this with as little pain as possible (and it's going to be painful for all of us!) you've got to change your mindset now, that is, the way you look at things. Plan accordingly. This whole thing could go any day now, and I "ain't" looking forward to it!

    Any great or local (in your area) disaster, causing prolonged social distress and shutdowns of government services, will cause you to need the following information:

  1. The First Three Months:  When the populace in the U.S and elsewhere suddenly realize that there are no jobs and no money, and civil services have shut down, they will stampede to get food, water, and supplies.  Shelves will be emptied within days.  People will be desperate; but they will settle down for a while believing the "cavalry" is just over the hill.

    With the intermittent electricity (if an EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, bomb(s) strike the atmosphere--perhaps, 2 hours per day in some places; or, none at all, people will be cooking outdoors.  Regardless, when this goes down, and it will, your neighbors and city will be cooking outdoors.  You will have to do the same if you do not have solar energy for tapping into and bringing into your home.  The same goes for propane, butane, etc.  The point of all this is that when cooking outside, stay to yourself as much as possible, unless you have formed a secure covenant community with your immediate neighbors to the left and right of you. You should also consider having at least 5 people you can trust within 100 miles of you--people you can trust with your life.

    Stay in condition "Yellow" (awareness) and do your outdoor cooking. Remember! Loose Lips Sink Ships!  Everyone will be cooking; odors will proliferate; but, as the food supply dwindles, and as the people in the city become acutely aware that "they" are not going to get the problem fixed, and they have been lied to ("store a few days to a week or so of food"), things will begin to heat up drastically....and dramatically.

    People will become aggressive, demanding services and help from city officials and YOU!  When they don't get the forthcoming help they feel they are entitled to, they, especially the welfare recipients, will become extremely aggressive.  They will demand you share with them.  You will also learn whom your true friends are.  They will not be the "Christians" who chortled at you, belittled you, and said "they know where to come if they need something."

    You can rest assured, they will come because you talked; or, a family member talked.  They will show up on your doorstep demanding food, fuel, and shelter.  What you don't give them, they'll be back with more and then take, if you let them, what they want.

    You need to count the COST now, on what it's going to cost you because you gave some supplies, and/or talked!  Will there be enough left for your family to see you through this if you give them the first meal---they will be back for the next one, and the one after that. Have you considered all this?

    From all over this country, in my invited travels to lecture on Chemical/Biological WarFare....How You Can Survive, I am asked about The Coming Total Financial Collapse of the world; the terrorist problem and its ramifications, the collapsing infrastructure in our cities, and how best to survive all this.  One thing I hear most from the Christian Community is that they who have built up a supply of assets and food are criticized, scorned and smirked at by those Christians who are playing the foolish virgins.  They mock and belittle the Christians who have prepared for the Coming Storm, as the early Church Saints called it for our time in the 6th and 7th. century.

    "God will take care of me!" they exhort to the preparing Christians.  "You must have stronger faith," they shout.  "God did not give me a spirit of fear," they cry!  But, my friends, this is what they are really saying: "You go through the expense, effort, work and time of storing supplies; for me, I'll eat, drink, and have a good time, because it ain't gonna happen."  They then add, "But, if it should, I'll be on your doorstep and you have to share with me as the Bible says.

    Well, folks, those extravagant Christians need to read 1 Tim. 5:8, which warns us to count the cost:  Do we share, at the expense of our own family doing without later?  Then what?  We turn on God, and we have fallen into the trap Satan set for us.  Otherwise, we are no better than the infidel: "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

    That is a legal demand by God to us.  Unless we are sure we can fulfill it, then send the beggar away!  Who will you help then, if, after counting the cost, and you might be able to--- that person who through no fault of his own could not prepare or was not warned of what was coming, that's who.  Dr. Gary North says in Christian Reconstruction, January/February 1999:

    "Every resource that we give to a fool cannot be used to provide help to a person who did not see the crisis coming because no one warned him.  Every piece of bread handed to the formerly smirking fool is food taken out of the mouth of someone who might have prepared, had he only known. When it comes time for showing mercy, show it first to those who are morally blameless for their helpless condition."

    He quotes Candace Turner:  They will not prepare, but they will remember.  Dr. North further says,

    "The beggar is getting to you twice: by ridiculing you in the good times, when sound advice appears to be foolish because it hampers a life style of profligacy, and then by taking food from you in the bad times because you were not misled by the dream of unlimited time and unlimited oil (of the Foolish Virgins, Matthew 25: 1 - 10).  The true fool wants it both ways: the right to sneer at good judgment in the days of wine and roses, and to be fed by the provident in the day of the locust."

    His goal, and your goal, we might add, Dr. North writes, is not to seek revenge.  But a smirking, chortling, head shaking, scoffing, "improvident, consumption-addicted Christian is not my first choice." His goal, and yours too, is to conserve assets to help the thrifty poor, who through no fault of their own, got caught in the coming Storm.  He will, and you should too, "withhold aid from the smirk-masters, not as a negative sanction, but as a means of extending positive sanctions to those who are wiser about the nature of God's corporate covenant sanctions in history.  I shall not knowingly subsidize fools with the wealth that God has entrusted to me."

    But, he might "sell them some food if the price is right."

    The "feel-good" theology and "God is in Charge" from the modern mainstream churchs now taught to their followers, keeps those Christains from doing anything. Was God in charge when Germany, China, Cambodia, Soviet Union, Guatemala, Uganda, Turkey, and Rwanda murder millions and millions of people? They say this to keep from having to do anything. They feel God will take care of them and quickly forget we are supposed to be good stewards of the earth and have been given "choice" in the matter of our lives.

    The suffering for them will be horrendous. And these poor misguided, but good people, will expect you to do something for them when the Hell Breaks....

    1. Canned foods.  You should have enough canned goods to start with and combine them with your other foods:  Stored (those you put up yourself, or you ordered as a "unit"), Dehydrated & "Low Moisture," and possibly to eat with your Freeze Dried Foods (needs no cooking; just add warm, hot, or cold water--use these only when it is no longer safe to cook.  Cooking gives off odors and infrared heat signals.)

    2. Stored Foods.  (Beans, parboiled white (instant), flour, spaghetti, powdered milk, potato buds/flakes, oils, shortenings, chocolates, candy, nuts, etc. that you put up from Sam's, Cosco, and grocery stores in Mylar bags, desiccants, and oxygen absorbers. These make for variety and nutrition.  Start on the canned goods first, because they last only so long (about a year to eighteen months and could go bad sooner in hot weather if no electricity is up), and adding (integrating) your stored foods with them in your meal plans. Combine these (canned and stored foods) with the following items that require cooking and a fair amount to a lot of water.

      We recommend instant (parboiled or pre-cooked) white rice. It last much longer than brown rice and takes much less water to cook it in. Nor do bugs infest it as their larvae/eggs have been destroyed.

      Have enough Stored Foods (B) to last 3 1/2 years or longer. This is going to be a terrible shake-out, and you want to be one of those that survive.  Eat from (A), (B), & (C), for the first three months when the aggression starts. Then, as food runs out in stores, and it becomes dangerous to cook out- and indoors (odors and infrared signals that you have food and fuel), use Freeze Dried (see below) for the next 3 months (beginning around April 2000, maybe sooner).  After 6 months (1st. three: (A), (B), (C); 2nd. three months: Freeze Dried only), then "test" the waters; if safe, you go back to eating from (A), (B), (C) and cooking.  (A), canned foods, will run out most likely.  Save your Freeze Dried (if any are left) only for emergencies, should emergencies arise unexpectedly again----and they probably will. Learn now to eat less. Stop super-sizing it!

    3. Dehydrated & "Low Moisture" Foods .  Add these, along with canned and stored foods. Dehyrated foods include dehydrated greens, green beans, green peas, TVP (meat substitute), wheat, instant (parboiled/pre-cooked) rice, carrots, lentils, spaghetti, and so forth, that you have purchased from manufacturers.  Dehydrated foods take water to reconstitute and need water for cooking.  Keep this in mind because if water becomes scarce---and it will, see "Purifying Water" at Menu, then use only those foods that need less water for reconstituting and cooking, like potato flakes.  Beans need a lot.

      Remember, if you are cooking in your backyard, and so will most others, you will be fairly safe for a while.  Stay in condition YELLOW!  But note, odors carry!  When things start getting aggressive, probably within 3 or 4 months of the initial collapse---move it indoors.  Don't be broadcasting you still have food and fuel in the neighborhood while others have diminished theirs and have to stand in food rationing lines.  Stop early.

      If people smell odors, this tells them you also have fuel too.  If you move it inside and continue to cook, except for very short periods of boiling of water for Freeze Dried preparations, hunters and others have infrared seeking scopes that will lead them directly to you, even if you mask the odors and smoke.  Go Freeze Dried at this time and not risk detection by sending signals that you have resources, except what FEMA may dole out to you.  It will still be risky; stay indoors, leave no odor/infrared/garbage trail---Go Freeze Dried at this time!

      Foods you cook will serve like a beacon in the night for marauders, plunderers, and thieves looking for food, fuel, shelter, and females. They did not prepare or prepare adequately---they believed the "big" lie, store only for a few days to a week or so.  They will feel like what you've got belongs to them; they are "entitled" to it. This entitlement idea is what has been bequeathed to us from "Big Brother."

  2. The Second 3 Months:  From the first three, going into the second three months to 6 months total, the latter three will be sheer hell for those who did not prepare and could be for those that did, but talked!  The following is necessary for those last three months before everyone leaves the city, going to the rural area looking for more food than, if it happens, what the local government via the national government hands out.  If you prepared, you will not have to stand in severe rationing lines all day for a meager amount of food. There will be fights, insults, harrassments.  Be prepared and don't get caught in the coupon lines either.  Your name and address will be noted.

    Have the following type of food that you and your family can "hunker" down with.  It will take a miminum of fuss and the least amount of effort to prepare.  Get prepared now:

    Freeze-Dried Storage Foods

    For variety and entrees, We have chosen Mountain House® Foods. They are convenient and offer real meat in their packing and not just supplemental proteins that are combined to give you complete proteins such as beans and rice (freeze dried does not have to be instant--larvae are killed in the processing).

    In an emergency, you need prepared foods and entrees that are ready to eat.  Remember!  In the Coming Chastisement (which includes disruption of our fragile food supply lines, earthquakes, droughts, floods, ice storms, world-wide total collapse of our financial market...), you will need to have a food storage program in effect for three and one-half years.

    We also need to be reminded God said through His Holy Seers for over 16 centuries now--Have food and water on hand for The Three Days Darkness He is also going to send us.

    You want not only foods in your food storage program that you prepare from grains such as wheat, oats, rice, rye, barley, and corn; or lentils (beans, peas, nuts).

    But you want milk and egg ingredients too, along with other food stuffs. You also need food entrees, such as Rice & Chicken; Spaghetti w/Meat & Sauce; Sweet & Sour Pork w/Rice; Hearty Stew w/Beef, and entrees whereby all you do is add hot or cold water--foods that need little or no cooking to save on fuel under temporary harsh conditions.  However, we suggest Plain Food, such as diced cooked beef, chicken, instant rice, garden peas, etc.  The entrees are going to have more sauces and SALT.  This means more water consumption, and water is going to be a problem.

    You want convenient, already prepared meals that take little or no preparation except adding hot or cold water--especially if you have to run from the Great Comet prophesied for centuries to come. Virgin Mary said at Fątima in 1917, "Fire will fall from heaven and mingle with fire from earth."

    Having this convenience makes life much more tolerable when there is no fuel or available food for several weeks or even longer, if you have to leave an area. You can carry single serve prepared entrees with you.

    Mountain House® freeze-dried foods went to the Moon and are still used by NASA on Space Shuttle missions today.  They are also are one of the few companies that have government food contracts with the U. S. Department of Agriculture for freeze drying real meats.

    Mountain House® is one of the major brands used to fill the U.S. Military's freeze-dried food contracts.  The military no longer eats the foods it used to eat under combat field conditions during W.W.II. The foods are tasty, nutritious, and offer wide variety for today's military personnel.

    History of Mountain House®

    Oregon Freeze Dry, the parent company of Mountain House® was incorporated in 1963, when they began drying fruit for a General Foods cereal.  Later, they worked with the Department of Defense to develop and produce military rations that tasted better, weighed less, and were easier to prepare than canned rations.

    By the early 1970's, they were marketing their own Mountain House® line of freeze-dried foods for outdoor recreational use in the 1980's, the Company grew rapidly as they began to manufacture private label packaged food products, and expanded their food ingredient line.

    Why Choose Freeze-Dried Foods?

    1. Compared to Canned and Dehydrated Foods:

      1. Dehyrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but high tempera- ture processing can degrade flavor, texture and nutritional content.
      2. Taste advantage--have a better taste and flavor over canned and dehydrated foods.
      3. Freeze-Dried retains the taste, texture, shape and appearance and color of fresh frozen foods.
      4. Locks in Freshness, vitamins, color, nutrients, and aroma of fresh frozen foods while providing shelf-stable convenience of canned and dehydrated foods.
      5. Freeze-dried foods can be stored at room temperature, without deterioration or spoilage.  This is because freeze-drying and packaging remove both water and oxygen--the two primary causes of food deterioration. However, we suggest you store foods in a cool environment.
      6. Convenient--little or no cooking. Completely prepared and mixed ingredients (entrees).

    2. The Freeze-Drying Process:

      1. Fresh or cooked foods are flash frozen, then placed in a vacuum chamber.
      2. Approximately 98% of the food's moisture is drawn off by sublimation of the ice, at temperatures as low as -50°F.  The food now weights 75-90% less.  For example, 4 lbs. of fresh cut corn after freeze-drying weighs just 1 pound.
        The foods are already prepared, just-add-water and eat!  For the meat, just cover them in warm water for 15- 30 minutes; then sear on each side for a few minutes or cook your favorite way.  They are then ready to eat.  They come in #10 size cans with instructions printed on can for preparing of all their entrees; or, in Convenient Preparation Pouches (eat out of the pouch) that are compact and lightweight. These are stable for 3 - 5 years.
      3. The freeze-dried food is sealed in moisture-and-oxygen proof packaging, to ensure freshness until opened.
      4. When the water is replaced, the food regains its original fresh flavor, aroma, texture, and appearance.

Store plenty of this type of food, Freeze Dried.  Because, when you reconstitute one cup, though the water is replaced, freeze dried is not like dehydrated; in freeze dried, what you get is one cup, according to the side label on the #10 cans.  One cup does not make 2-1/2 cups.  One cup makes one cup.

Figure 5 people for approximately 15 - 19 cases Freeze Dried food for 6 months; this should definitely cover your needs for the three months of no cooking.  Store plenty.  We suggest Plain Foods that you build your own entrees from, such as Instant Rice, Pilot Crackers, Green Peas, Diced Beef and Chicken, and etc.  You want some entrees for variety; but, if that is all you have, you tire of them rapidly.

We suggest the following from Mountain House©:

Freeze Dried Food

Freeze-Dried Real Meats
6 #10 cans/case

Cost Per Case

Servings /Can

Beef, cooked, diced


27 - 1/3 cup servings

Chicken, cooked, diced


14 - 3/4 cup servings

Ham, cooked, diced

Could increase your water needs


27 - 1/3 cup servings

Vegetarian Entrees

Cost Per Case


Wild Rice/Mushroom Pilaf

Wild Rice, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Green Beans, and Red Peppers with a hint of Roasted Garlic topped with Parmesian Cheese


10 - 1 cup servngs

Pasta Primavera

A creamy vegetarian delight with pasta and mixed vegetables


15 - 1 cup servings


Cost Per Case

Servings /Can

Instant White Rice


24 - 3/4 cup servings

Crackers (pilot bread)


70 crackers; no reconstitution

Breakfast Entrees

Cost Per Case

Servings/ Can

Western-Style Omelette

Scrambled Eggs with ham, peppers, and cheese (just add boiling water)


17 - 3/4 cup servings

Precooked Eggs w/Bacon

Just add boiling water and enjoy a great breakfast


20 - 1/2 cup servings

Granola w/Blueberries & Milk

Start your day with fruit and fiber


27 - 1/2 cup servings

Chicken Entrees

Cost Per Case

Servings/ Can

Rice & Chicken

Rice, chicken, and pimentos smothered in a white sauce


8 - 1 cup servings

Noodles & Chicken

A rich creamy sauce with noodles & chicken


16 - 1 cup servings

Chicken Stew

Whole chunks of chicken and vegetables in a thick gravy


10 - 1 cup servings

Beef Entrees

Cost Per Case

Servings/ Can

Vegetable Stew w/Beef

Hearty home-style stew with a medley of garden vegetables & beef


8 - 1 cup servings

Hearty Stew w/Beef

A hearty beef stew of potatoes, beef, carrots, peas, & onions


17 - 1 cup servings

Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce

A mouth watering Italian-style tomato sauce accompanied by tender pasta and accented with chunks of beef


10 - 1 cup servings


Cost Per Case

Servings/ Can

Nut Chocolate LURPS®

A high energy snack of chocolates, roasted cashews, and salted peanuts


47 - 1/4 cup servings

Raspberry Crumble

A tantalizing dessert of premium raspberry topped with chocolate cookie crumbs


12 - 1/2 cup servings

Blueberry Cheesecake

A smooth, creamy cheesecake, real blueberry sxauce, and graham cracker crumbs combine to create a delicious, easy-to-make dessert


12 - 1/2 cup servings


Cost Per Case

Servings/ Can

Garden Green Peas


22 - 1/2 cup servings

Green Beans


20 - 1/2 cup servings

Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn


22 - 1/2 cup servings

Call the following companies, or visit their web sites for a listing of storage foods and many other emergency items. With the food inflation, the above prices are now relative.

  1. Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center (All around emergency preparedness store.) 1-800-866-4876. Web Site: www.nitro-pak.com
  2. Major Surplus and Survival, Inc. (Camping and emergency supplies) 1-800-441-8855. Web site: www.majorsurplusnsurvival.com
  3. Mountain House Foods (Freeze-dried foods) 1-800-547-0244. Web site: www.mountainhouse.com
  4. Sam Andy (Excellent food storage items) 1-800-331-0358. Web site: www.samandy.com
  5. AlpineAire Foods (Freeze dried foods) 1-406-585-9324. Web site: www.alpineaire.com
  6. Emergency Essentials (Family preparedness) 1-800-999-1863. Web site: www.beprepared.com

Emergency Essentials offers real, freeze-dried shredded cheses, such as sharp cheddar and mozzarella. You can also order a case of mixed shredded cheeses. They also still send out a paper catalog that you can physically handle and look through.


If you can't do any of the above, then do the following NOW. Time is short. Go to Home Depot or some hardware store and get two metal 30 gallon garbage cans with lids. Do not purchase plastic or rubber; rodents will chew through it.

When you make your regular trips to the grocery store, get white instant (par-boiled or pre-cooked) rice. White will not go rancid; brown will. Instant has been pre-cooked and the bugs won't hatch in it.

Get also a package of dry beens and lentils. Do this very regular. Get 3 or 4 packages of each at each visit.

Place the rice in one metal can; replace the lid. Place the beens and lentils in the other; replace lid.

You can store them in your garage until things get tough. Then move them inside your domicile.

  • Dispensing of Food & Supplies:

    Be advised of the following:  If you bring people into your home, and you "think" you are bringing them in for a few days to a week, then think again.  Once in, you won't get them out...period.  Where will they go?  How will they survive?  These aren't easy questions and no easy, forthcoming answers, especially when you see all the hell going on out there.

    The guilt trip on you will be horrendous, but the COST to your family, as explained above, will be even more.  Do you want this, and the attendant problems associated with it at a time when you don't need problems?  What if you have kids, and they too have kids.  You planned for your family needs, but do you think, even if sharing, under harsh conditions, things will be pleasant?

    Your kids will be denied at the expense of sharing with others who could have provided for themselves when times were plentiful---but didn't. They were profligate (extravagant) with their resources and chortled at you.  Altercations are going to break out under such trying conditions, especially for your own family.  Did you bargain for this?  Count the COST.  What if your kid has something that you specifically planned for your child to have, and an adult "guest" takes it away from him and gives it to theirs, saying, "We must all share, now."--- with your planned resources.

    Don't you see, you're not the Master of your own domicile anymore; nor the one who dispenses resources.  As days pass into weeks, and months, your authority will be quickly or gradually be undermined, and those present will use your assets as theirs, when so desired....WHY? Count the COST:  They did not have to do without and undergo the stress and tension of putting it all together.

    And when they see---what appears to them---to be plenty, they will use those resources as desired; after all, they did not have to compile them. Thus, they do not understand how and when they are to be used; nor, how long they must last.  They will probably be telling you that just down the street---and this implies another danger:  they're out talking-- they heard that the Total Collapse of the Financial System will be short-lived.  Therefore, they have not planned for a long seige, nor do they understand it and thereby, they will use your supplies with reckless abandon.

    History shows that people who get something for nothing (entitlements) feel they are owed something and do not conserve resources.  And nothing makes people madder when they didn't earn something and then have it taken away from them.

    As we just said, if you and your neighbors in the city or rural area did not plan a Covenant Community with one, two, or more--to work together, and each stored for his family's personal needs, the questions posed are not easy to answer, we are putting forth to you.  Now is the time to make decisions, and stick to them.  Don't vacillate under pressure, because you will invariably make the wrong decision.  Being prepared also includes mental and spiritual preparations.  Pray for discernment in these matters and remember 1 Tim. 5: 8.

    You must decide now what you are going to do if people just show up on your doorstep.  If you talked, you can rest ASSURED they're going to be there!  That's why you want a rural out-of-the-ordinary place now. Remember!  Loose Lips Sink Ships!

    The stress is going to be shockingly dreadful; depression in the U.S will skyrocket.  If you allow people to come into your home, and have planned for an exact number, and then some, there are rules you MUST exact.  Most people I have spoken to across America in my invited travels have not considered the following.  You must do so now if you are to maintain some semblance of normalcy and survive in such trying times just ahead:

    1. You must become, whether you have "guests" or not in your home, Monitor of when food, water, washing, etc. are consumed.  If you do not do this, you will find how fast your supplies have dwindled in several months that should have lasted for 6 months or more---Americans are very wasteful, especially if they get something for nothing.

      To make the monitoring of supplies clearer, buy a 5-lb sack of all purpose flour.  Make a 2-cups of flour recipe of biscuits every morning.  Some flour is used for dusting purposes.  There are about 18.75-cups to the sack.  In less than 9.37 days, if you just make biscuits only---no pies, cakes, gravies, and so forth---that flour is called for in innumerable recipes, your 5-lb sack will be gone in less than a week.  You won't be able to just simply go out and get more as it's needed.  You need to monitor your supplies! Count the COST!

      Take toilet paper, the average male adult, females more, needs at least 120 rolls per person per year.  You WebMasters suggest 150 rolls per person.  We do not suggest you use any of this for barter; other items, maybe.  But not your toilet paper.  Again, count the Cost.

      If resources are not monitored, and some, as in the military service, kept under lock and key, a family member or "guest" decides they want to, say, make bread; another wants pancakes for a snack; still another wants a tortillas for burritos, you will soon be out of supplies.  You must monitor and explain why and when food and other life-sustaining necessities, such as water, is to be consumed. This is not to be harsh; it is to make precious assets last.

      Most Americans are used to Super-Sized portions. You must also prepare to dictate and monitor serving sizes. Have guests eat slowly to allow the blood sugar to rise and create satiety.

      This can be done by holding discussions or having a Bible reading at meals.

    2. Food Consumption Times:  Set Aside, for example, twice a day food is consumed in your house as major meals---all take their meals together!  This will foster family unity, growth, and understanding and sharing again in the home.  The sancitity of the home will again become cherished.  Food times together are best when this is done.

      We suggest one light meal and one medium to heavier meal, all nutritious and complete.  You must plan on 1 - 3 high protein snacks per day.  The accompanying stress will cause the Cortisol hormone to rise and this will in turn increase protein tissue (muscle loss) and decrease your immune system's ability to function at its best.  Excess cortisol, as scientists are now already seeing, will be rising exponentially when this goes down, will cause "fuzzy" headedness and "forgetfullness."  You will need mental clarity during this time especially.  Remember, you have got to make your food last 3 1/2 years!  Folks, this is going to be a long, hard seige---a Chastisement from God is coming.

      Note 1:

      Powered milk has its L-Lysine, a necessary amino acid, for growth, maintenance, and repair, tied up mostly with the fructose of the milk.  This means you will not be getting all eight essential (nine for a child under 1 year of age; he needs L-Histidine too).

      Therefore, store lysine tablets from your health food store and consume 1-500 mg to a 1000 mg tablet with each glass of powdered milk you drink as a snack.  Or eat plenty of legumes (beans) with the milk to get the lysine.  And/or, store several cases of protein powder from your health food store, such as Whey Protein Powder.

      Note 2:

      Stress, especially with what is soon to break over us, demands we get plenty of good, high-quality, usuable protein.  Also, you will need calories, or you will cannabalize your own tissues to supply the body's needs.  To stop this, you need calories, and, at the same time, you must conserve your food supplies.  Excess protein is a wasteful source of calories when it is primarily needed for building, repair, and maintenance of tissues.  You can eat more of your food storage to supply the calories, but this will cause them to dwindle down too fast.

      The Solution:

      Increase your fat, yes, that's right, fat intake.  This supplies necessary calories and at the same time, if you use tropical oils, such as coconut oil, protects the immune system, kills fungus, yeast, parasitic eggs, and a host of other microorganisms. Saturated fat, like real butter and tropical oils, helps tame the toxicity of the polyunsaturated fats.

      When you eat protective fats, or fats in general, you make up the calorie deficit; conserve food needed for more than just energy. Store tropical oils, lard (if you can get it without partial hydrogenation), Olive oils and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and shortening.  Also, many companies offer dehydrated sour cream, butter, and shortening powder.  Get the FATS.

  • List of Rules:  With the harsh situations that will be arriving soon, you must implement the following or similar rules also, if you plan to survive through this.  A list should be made and given to each member of the family, and discussed thoroughly. The list that follows is only a guideline. It is best if you make your own rules for your family and possible guest(s). By doing this, you will have thought through this now for the difficult times ahead.

    If you, which you should not, have any friends coming to stay with you during this lengthy period [they think they'll stay for a week or two until things quieten back to normal; they will, in reality, stay for a year or longer--so long as you have your assets (food and water)], then you must have a plan and rules to implement them. You only want those with similar mindset come to stay with you, or you with them; those who have prepared in advance, and form a covenant community with that person or persons. You want someone to be an asset not a libility, who comes to stay with you.

    There will be several generations living under one roof!  Your kids, grandkids, etc. and possibily their friends.  Make it plain, they are not to bring "guests" with them.  You don't know them and you can be certain, they "ain't" going to like the way you do things. Lay down the rules.  No extra people!

    1. Wastefulnesss of Resources, especially water, is inexcusable, and will not be tolerated.

    2. Anyone coming to your home must have a pistol, 1000 rounds of ammunition, a varmint rifle (.22 LR), 2000 rounds of ammunition, and a powerful long rifle with 2000 cartridges.


      Sooner, if the Stock Market crashes, the rush for security will begin in earnest by those who realize they have not been told the truth, and commence to frenetically get provisions because they did not prepare in advance.  You will witness a mad rush for shelter, security, and safety.  As the problem intensifies into the next three months and everyone that competed in the mad rush; or, did not prepare will suddenly find themselves standing in rationing lines.  The problem here is that the U.S does not have enough to go around to everyone in the states! If you don't prepare, I can assure you, you're not going to like the foods the government has stored for you.

      There is currently only a few pounds of food stored for every man, woman and child in America; enough for 3 days.

      What The Government Will Feed You:

      Of the 15.7 pounds of food stored per person in the United States (this isn't counting all the illegal Mexicans in the U.S.--somebody's going to be getting your food!), 11 pounds of unprocessed wheat will be doled out to you in times of emergency; it has questionable value. The rest of the foodstuffs will be cheese, corn, lentils,peanuts and non-fat, dry milk. If you don't like the sound of this, get prepared. I can't say it any clearer.

      Things now get really nasty.  Mr. Ugly comes out.  People will become rogues and scoundrels, especially men.  They will be looking for food, fuel, and FEMALES. The Three Fs. Why Females? For pleasure, under harsh conditions.

      Remember this:  Under dire lawless circumstances, you can only own what you can physically protect.  You have no rights except that which you can defend!  911 may not work....if it does, there may not be enough help left to cover you.  They will be busy defending what they have.  And, if the market crashes and an EMP bomb disrupts the electronic promises to pay and the means to transfer funds, do you think anyone will be placing their lives on the line for you when (1) they haven't been paid; and (2) their own families are at risk? You saw a slight forerunner of this in New Orleans (2005 hurricane Katrina)

    3. All weapons will be commandeered immediately by the homeowner and placed under lock and key.  Any infractions of this rule (any lying, concealing, etc.) will lead to immediate dismisal from the premises under threat of gunpoint.  You have to be careful here.  If they are doing this, then they may be planning to take your resources.  Make sure you have backups you can trust if you confront someone with this...and they are armed temporarily along with you.


      It won't take long for the invited guests to realize this is going to be a long, drawn out seige, and they will have notified certain special friends of theirs (we all have them) to come and join them where there are assets.  Under such conditions, you will find youself a prisoner in your own home and resources doled out to you as seen fit--if you and your family are allowed to stay in your own home and are not thrown out at gunpoint because you did not commandeer all weapons.  As on a military submarine, weapons are issued only under certain conditions, and then, when the danger passes, re-commandeered.  Do likewise.

    4. Resources are only to be expended several times a day---food, water, snacks, as deemed in advance and according to the circumstances by the proprietor.  Either you and/or your wife or appoint another 1 or 2 trusted persons in the food preparation area.  When food is finished being prepared, have appointed in advance, others to dispense the food to your "guests."


      If food is not under lock and key; or at least supervised carefully, you will find people stealing food, and this more often leads to wastefulness.  They will appropriate the food, not because they are hungry, but because they may find it cute; or, because they did not like the rations they ate at dinner and "want some of the good stuff you've got hidden for later."

    5. The guests must have duties.  One definitely should be KP duty, such as washing and cleaning of the kitchen under supervision.  As Saint Paul said, (parapharasing), "You don't work, you don't eat."

    6. Involve the guests in planning the menus, from your personal preplanned weekly list.  This will teach them what goes into conservation of the foodstuffs and that it has to last.  Don't allow extravagant menus, even on birthdays---it will always be somebody's birthday.  But, be warned, there are going to be people in your home who do not like something on the menu.

      If you give in to their whims, allergies, etc, you will soon find your menus no longer balanced.  Tell them up front:  sorry, but this is all we could plan with our meager reserves; perhaps, if you would have done for yourself and family, we could share and all be the better for it.

      Ideally, you should inform people coming into your home, before they arrive, that there will be no rejection of what foodstuffs and resources are offered; else, go elsewhere!

    7. Anyone showing up on your doorstep uninvited must be turned away.  No one, absolutely no one, must allow any vagarants in your home that show up at your door.  In fact, no one must answer the door except appointed trustworthy persons, especially not small children.

    8. Weapons and cartridges will be dispensed as the real need presents itself, and when the dangers are over, surrendered back to the proprietor of the house to place back under lock and key.  You must check daily that the security of the weapons has not been breached!

    9. Only one trusted member of the family---possibly extended family---will be given keys and access to resources, concealed weapons, and cartridges as a backup.

    10. Meet with members of the household every third day or as you deem necessary (should be weekly) to reinforce and explain the whys and wherefores of the rules and air any problems, concerns about the situation, and share Bible study.  Don't let anyone under your roof forget the necessity of saving and the dangers of wastefulness.  These must be strictly enforced.

    11. All persons under your domicile must be assigned daily chores to execute.  An extra food garden should be started (you will have to teach them how) for those that you let in when they just showed up on your doorstep, to help feed themselves.

      They must contribute.  This helps build loyalty.  Small children can be given meaningful tasks and chores, such as weeding the garden and picking off dead leaves.  They can also water and insecticide the garden.  They must pick up after themselves and they must eat what they take.  Skipping meals will not be allowed.  If safety permits, go out in twos or fours to receive rationing of goods by FEMA, if they come to your area.  This will also help in protection and safety.  When out, women should dress like boys or men--no jewelry and unattractive.  No perfume!  Best to have stored plenty and stay off the streets.  Men, no aftershave.  Odors (food, perfume, cigarette smoke, etc.) carry a long way. You don't want to call attention to yourself.

    12. Paramount to survial is to KNOW the people that come and stay with you!  Do you really know your teenage grandchildren now?  Your own children too!  It's a different generation out there now, especially if they live in another state and you see them once or twice a year.  Things are different.

      Don't believe us?  Then, have they prepared; or, do they buy into the "happy face" the government has created about the inflated stock market bubble that Wall Street says can only go up, up...up?  If the answer to this is a resounding NO to their believing that they should have prepared---it's a little late now, but with money, they can do it; then you don't know what you are really in for if you have plannned to have them in.  If they are coming, then start now on preparing them with the rules.  If they object, use tough love, they can't come. They will only get you and them killed, in addition to your grandchildren.

      I hear horror stories all over the country where I am invited to lecture on Chemical/Biological WarFare concerning peoples' grown children and their grandkids.

      Do you really know how your "guests" will react to roving gangs trying to bang their way into your house for food, fuel, and females?  If you are going to have friends in, then you'd better set the rules and practice now with them, if you want your family and them to survive.  Your WebMasters want you all to survive.  That's what we do, save lives and souls.  But, there's a way to do it and a way not to do it.

      For instance, an unruly mob drives down the street, such as the one in the L.A. riots.  They pick your house because they may have seen a FEMALE peeking out the window wanting to see what's going on.  Perhaps, they just chose your house ramdomly, and your posted people (you will have to assign duties to watching the front and back and sides when things get really rough for three or so months) alert the members of the house; or, you do the alerting that something's going down.  Before you have a chance to say more, one of the uninvited women, or guests starts s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g in panic, giving away your positions, and that you know something is amiss outside.  They have alerted the marauders, who will be more aware.

      What if you announce to your people, "Everybody take your positions!"  And one or two guests, not your family because you, hopefully, have trained them against such actions by now, ask, "What's going on?" "I wanna know?" "Let me look out the window?...."

      You want instant obedience or those lost, few short seconds while you have to dicker with your guests to do their duty, allows the rogues to secure their position(s) at your windows, backdoor; even bust into your house, throwing more panic into the untrained, undisciplined people staying with you. You have been overcome, undone, when it didn't have to happened.  You must practice and discuss .... discuss ... and discuss, the roles and action you all will perform.  You've got to have rules set forth.  Do it now.  It is also advisable to have an alternate plan if your primary plan fails.

      I have actually talked to men who have told me they are not storing, but just a little bit to none at all.  They plan to be "maurauders!"  That's it, that is exactly what I have been told by well-respected citizens.  That's the exact word used.  They don't mind taking what you've got.  If you can defend what's yours, they'll go quickly elsewhere.  "Why should I die," one told me, "when there are so many out there that don't believe in guns!"

      And we might add, if they have them, well, "The women don't know really how to use them under pressure," another said. Throughout my travels, I find this to be very true.  The women are depending on the menfolk.  Learn now what to do and how to do it if you own a gun and are a woman. Practice...practice....practice.  See a gun instructor with NRA credentials.

    13. Addictions:  This will be a BIG problem.  I see so many people that use recreational drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine.  Others have an alcohol problem.  Are you prepared to deal with this if they come to your home?  Do you really know your "guests"?  What if they smoke and you don't? But, you have stored cigarettes and whiskey for barter.  What's going to happen when they run out of what little they brought with them?

      Are you prepared for a raging, irrational addict on your hands?  I'll tell you what he's going to do:  He is going to sell you "down the river" to the nearest person that can supply his needs.  This means he is going to be talking covertly and NOT following the rules.

      I have parents who actually know for a fact that their children use the "stuff," and want to know what to do about the whole situation.  I tell them right off to SHUT up about what's coming and don't talk about how they are storing resources. Otherwise, their children will show up on their doorstep demanding handouts, and proferring the most pitiful story one could expect.  They will also create incredible pain and suffering if the parents take them in.

      Folks!  Know Your People! ---and this means "them" that you have planned to have come stay with you.  Remember, addicts run in packs....that's right, they need someone of kindred spirit to help them in the support and approval of their habits.  Those around them that don't indulge, well, life is made into a living hell for them.

    14. Latrine (toilet) Duty:  You don't want a horde of people, family or no, staying with you and YOU or your spouse have to clean the toilet after them.  Under the coming harsh conditions, odors exacerbate them.  Lay down the rules that the toilet must be cleaned and floor mopped three times per day.  Assign a latrine detail such that it is rotated regularly among your guests.  You should not and are not going to like cleaning up after invited guests, nor those you felt compassion towards---assign Latrine duty. Work out a plan, using minimal water if water is a problem.

    15. Phones:  All phones must be disconnected (assuming they are still working), except the one in your---off-limits---bedroom. If not, you are going to have a "guest," expecially someone's teenager, calling a friend to tell them they are all right and inadvertently revealing their whereabouts.  Other things will be revealed you don't want known.  If the other party is suffering, you can bet your resources, they will show up on your doorstep....with OTHERS! Teenagers are very bad about this.

      Allow no outside calls even if you monitor them.  Remember, caller ID can be used eventually as a trace to your whereabouts.  These rules must be explained in advance, if possible.  When this goes down, hunker down.

      Break your own rules and you and your family may pay a terrible price.  Know, most Americans are not disciplined, they want their own way when they want it.  This is going to be rough on all.

    16. Make sure you communicate the following to your "guests" : Do not convey information about what we have inside; nor eat, demonstrate, or project anything outside that shows this house prepared.  Be doubly sure no one sets up lines of dialogue for barter.  This is your responsibility ONLY.  If you barter, it will take initiative, responsibility, understanding the principles of barter, and, at the same time, saying little about yourself, and what you've done.

      You can rest assured there will be others out there who will make their living off of barter.  They prepared extensively so they can---but, they have plannned it well, such that they find out what you've got, and then...send in their second team to confiscate your resources at whatever means.  Be as King David, "Oh Lord, help me keep my mouth shut, and my lips sealed."

    17. Garbage:  Whether there is or isn't a garbage pick up, don't count on it at the "Storm's" height, either bury your trash; or, save it in trash bags, out of sight, and once a week or so, haul it far away, if possible.  The point is this:  People will be rummaging through it to see what you have as resources. Don't have anything in the refuse that will lead the marauders to you (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

    18. Maverick Police:  Unfortunately, if the local governments go down in places, then city employees won't be paid.  Some, may still be uniformed and acting in an official capacity when they have no government behind them.  If this is the case, be aware.  Let no one, uniformed or not uniformed, in your domicile, whatever the pretense.  Better yet, don't answer the door.

      Law and Order may, in many areas, be transient or nonexistent.  There will be others who may dress as law enforcement officers and delude you; once in, they take what they want at gun point.  Be advised: "Be wise as serpents and meek as doves."

    19. If YOU have talked, get 6 months of freeze dried food and "hunker" down, when this goes down.  The reasons should be self-explanatory by now.

    20. A list of rules, similar to these, without all the "reasons" should be given to every person that is under your roof. Explain only those rules as personal security to your home and family demands; otherwise, you prepared and owe no one any explanation that could undermine you.  If at all possible see that the "guests" get these rules in advance and agree to them in writing.  It might just make some of them do their own preparing.

    21. Enforcement of Rules:  If you go about this correctly and have rules that are not confusing and plainly stated, and that these rules will not be breached, you should have defused any potential calamity before it starts in your domicile.  This will begin by seeing, if possible, the rules are in place, prior to anyone's arrival and that they get a copy for themselves and family members.  If rules are not followed, you must decide upon a means of enforcement.  But, let us tell you, this means you will have to evict the rule breakers and their family....and this is not going to be easy!  That is why you are thinking about this now.

    How To Figure Your Basic Needs of Grain

    For a Family of Four

        Consider Wheat, Par-boiled white rice, oats, rye, barley, corn, flour, potatoes, and powdered milk (last two not a grain). These should be figured in for variety and nourishment.

        A basic fact to figure from is that 2,000 pounds of grains will feed a family of four for one year. This is 500 lbs./person/year just of grains. This is the minimal amount.

        Therefore, you want the following amount for one person for one year:

    • 500 lbs grains.

    • 500 lbs flour/rice/beans/spaghetti mixture.

    • 500 lbs milk/potatoes/oils/seasonings/sugar/salt (without salt, you may not make it), etc. More of some; less of others, such as seasonings/sugar/salt.

      1,500 lbs/year/individual
        For three (3) people: 4500 lbs per year, and for five (5) the storage of the above items would be 7,500 lbs per year.

        The following link is for those who do not wish to do the math: Calculate Water Needs/Water Storage Guidelines:

        We further suggest that you have an assortment of weaponry. Visit our Gun Page at Menu.

    "The twilight is ending.  Night is descending.  And Angels of Light come dancing in the dark."----Brooks Alexander, Spirit Channeling, 1988; Co-founder of Spiritual Counterfeits Project.

    When this is over, millions....millions upon millions will lie DEAD across each continent!  Your WebMasters want you to LIVE.  Get prepared, you have only a short time left now.  This thing could go anyday now.  The Total Collapse of the World-Wide Stock Market first, then ....

    New, additional information is continually added throughout this document. It is added in appropriate places.   When you see the following, you must re-read the document for updates ... To Be Continued ....

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