Color Codes Of Readiness

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black

Get Qualified Instruction Prior To Trying Any of These Techniques On

These Gun Pages

Do The Following:

  • White

    • Totally unaware of your environment and what's going on around you. As in sweeping and caught up with this sound and work...rather hypnotizing

  • Yellow

    • Be in this state of relaxed awareness at all times. Be cognizant of your surroundings, immediate and distant. Be aware of sights, sounds, odors, and anything out-of-the-ordinary. For instance, many people boil tea and let the pot boil dry, never even noticing when the pot started boiling. That is condition white not yellow.

    • Something caused your "yellow" condition to note something is not right. You now set to confirm it without endangering your person. You may stop what you are doing, look and listen more carefully. Do not go investigate and run right into an intruder. Do not dismiss it. Stay alert. You are now in Condition:

  • Orange

    • You hear the sound that tells you something is wrong. Or smell an odor; or footprints on your floor; a window left ever so slight ajar---these are "target indicators." You are home alone. You should be moving towards your gun! It should be no more than 5 seconds from you.

  • Red

    • You now have your gun in your hand in a low-ready position, depending upon the circumstances. You are in your safe room, if possible. Often your bedroom. Call 911 as soon as possible. Tell them: "Someone is in my home, I have a gun."

    • Tell 911 your address and have an extra key on a colored bombom to throw to them through a window when they get there; explain that to 911. Do Not, we not meet the police at the door with a gun in your hand! The adrenaline is pumping, as if someone just broke your one-of-a-kind heirloom serving platter.

    • But, When The Hell Is Breaking, you call 911. This is what you will probably get or something similar:. Be prepared! You know what you have got to do now. Get training.

  • Black

    • Someone is and now standing in your bedroom, framed by the door opening. He jimmied your locked bedroom door. Your mind is racing... You have made positive target identification... You are behind available cover/concealment.

    • Tell the intruder, loudly: "Go away, the police are on the way. I have a gun." Shout this at him!

    • Do not let the intruder engage you in talk. In prison, jail, etc. they teach one another to get the "victim" to talking and this allows the intruder to get close to you and take your gun away from you. Stay focused. Don't be distracted by what he says and does.

    • If you feel your life is about to be taken, rape, or serious bodily injury is going to happen to your person, you have the right to use lethal force to protect yourself. Your mind is now in red alert:   .

      If you have retreated to your safe-room, and the following occurs... . Be prepared. Do what this would-be victim did!

      What You Give The Rapist: The only sound (talk) he needs after you have issued the challenge. Do not wait! Shoot fast, shoot accurate, be aware of your bullets' backstop. By now, within split seconds, you have made positive target identification and it is an intruder.

      Remember! You Have A Right To Keep And Bear Arms.
      Protect That Right...from me!

    One Well-trained, Law-abiding Student's Approach To This Problem:

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