Defensive Handgun Mission

Be A Winner....Not A Loser

    "The mission of the defensive handgun is to defend against the unexpected attack. In other words, control of your immediate environment has been taken from you forcibly and without warning. The handgun allows you to get it back." You must command all the training skills in your repertoire.--- Combat Handgunnery, Chuck Taylor; p. 127.

  • Your Immediate Environment

    • Has been forcibly and without warning taken away from you.

  • The Defensive Handgun Mission

    • Allows you to get it back
    • Defends against the unexpected attack

  • Command (control of) skills necessary

    • All skills/techniques taught in your defensive handgun courses

    "'Defensive pistolcraft is for stopping the fight that someone else started."'---The Modern Tecdhnique of The Pistol, G.B. Morrison; p. 137. Remember, the gunfight begins with the first shot fired.

The Intended Victim

    Therefore, "Your job as the intended victim is to bring the fight to a conclusion
  • In your favor
  • In as little time (as possible)
  • With as few shots fired as possible,
not just make the attacker fall down." You must be sure of threat identification and your backstop. You must..."present minimal risk to bystanders at the same time...."---ibid, Taylor; p. 153.

    "Violent assaults and murder are all too frequent, but they would be less so if there were fewer victims in waiting."---ibid, Morrison; p.137. Therefore, you must decide you are not going to be a victim, but only a winner. You are going to train with that purpose in mind. You must decide now,
"I am not going to feel guilty for being a winner for something I did not start, nor did I intend to be involved in."---WebMasters.
    The criminal wants you to fear him. He does not know you, but when he comes up against you--make him fear you. You not fear him. You must begin by being in "Condition Yellow," projecting strength and confidence, not weakness and insecurity. You continue through the potential encounter communicating:
  • Strength,
  • Confidence,
  • Security, and
  • Skill of training.

    This is what Combat Defensive Handgun Training and its Mission is about.

  • I shot to keep from being killed!
  • I shot to stay alive!
  • I shot to keep from being seriously injured.

You'll be glad you read and studied this page if this suddenly happens to you!

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