In A Gun Fight

Cover, Movement, Distancing, and Concealment

Get Qualified Instruction Prior ToTrying Any of These Techniques On

These Gun Pages

Do The Following:

  • Maintain 360 Degree Radius

    • Being under Tachy Psychi or Adrenaline "dump," if you don't look from side to side and in back of each side after a shoot-out, a "layout" could be attacking you from the side or back, and you would not even know it even if someone were shouting a warning in your face. ..."Look out from your left side...etc."

  • Avoid Target Fixation

    • Target fixation is an assassin! Staring continuously at the threat places you in a compromised position

  • Movement

    • Know where you are going before you move. Always be looking for better cover

  • Reload before Moving

  • Move quickly, when you move

  • Have your gun out and ready to fire when you move

  • Cover
    • Don't crowd cover, unless someone is shooting at you from a tower
    • Keep gun in a firing position
    • Do random roll-outs.

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