Human or Veterinary Antibiotics
(They are both the same)


Charles S. Brocato, M.Sc., D.D,

Author: Chemical/Biological WarFare ... How You Can Survive.

When the Chastisement hits, the first casualties may well be the medicine profession. Medicines are going to be scarce.  Get the following medicines and have them and others on hand for use if needed by your family.   Present them to your physician if need be--and get them back-- when he finishes using them on you.  Learn about how you can apply them yourself, when there is no doctor around.

Encourage your physician to store medicines now that he most commonly uses, and then some he doesn't.  Also, ask your dentist to store amalgam and get some kind of generator such that he can drill for cavities.  People will still get sick and teeth will still need to be filled.  If they can't practice, they probably won't eat!

In my lectures across the nation, I have explained to a number of medical personnel the above.  They will be paid in food, when the full rigor of all this hits.   It won't take the people long to know what doctor and which dentist still has supplies--and it will only be those who stored medicines.   They're the ones people will go to and pay in, first, cash; then, as things worsen, barter--such as food; then gold and silver.  Get prepared now--and it's getting very late, for all reading these pages and who have not prepared.

If you are on prescription drugs, you'd better store several months to a year now!

Many vital raw ingredients for "life-or-death drugs" come from Third-World countries. When the World-Wide Financial Crash comes, those countries will be hit hard too and probably will not be able to supply the raw ingredients.

Howard Ruff, of The Ruff Times, points out the following:

"... 70% of the world's insulin is produced... in the Netherlands."

It's a good bet that when a world-wide financial crash comes, diabetics will have some trouble getting insulin.

Supplies and raw components sent to this country, America, from Third-World countries, will most definitely be impaired drastically, if not totally, when a world-wide financial collapse occurs.   Many, if not most of our bank stocks are tied to these countries, as well as our stock market.   When the Third-World countries go down en masse, so will your money and wealth too!  Get prepared NOW   [See "Money" under Menu].

  1. Injectable Penicillin:

    1. Short-acting (crystalline)

    2. Intermediate-acting (Procaine Penicillin)

    3. Long-acting (Benzanthine)


    • We recommend B-D manufactured syringes of 3 ml 25G 5/8.  You should be able to get these at your pharmacist without a prescription.   Get a box content of 100, sterile, single use. Excellent for Vitamin B-12 injections also.

    • Cyanocobalamin Injection, USP. 1000 mcg/ml; 30 ml injectable Vitamin B-12.  When everything goes down and fresh meat, eggs, etc. aren't readily available, we suggest you have some injectable B-12 available.  Also have a storage of vitamins and minerals.  The minerals apart from what is contained in with the vitamins.

  2. Ampicillin Tablets: (500 mg. tablets)

  3. Erythromycin : (alternative to Penicillin)

  4. Tetracycline/Terramycin

  5. The Sulfas:

    1. Co-Trimoxazole (sulfa-methoxazole with Trimethaprim). Brand names: Septra and Bactrin.  Get double strength forms, Septra DS and Bactrin DS.

  6. Flagyl for amoebas and giardia.  Get:  Where There is No Doctor; See below.  Authors, David Werner et al, writes:

    1. "Amebic dysentery is best treated with metronidazole (Flygyl) together with diloxanide furoate or tetracycline."  They further write,
    2. "Metronidazole is useful for gut infections caused by amebas and giardia, and sometimes for diarrhea that comes from taking 'wide-range' antibiotics (such as ampicillin).  It is also useful for vaginal infectionss caused by Trichomonas, or by certain bacteria. It can also help to treat the symptoms of guinea worm." pp. 368 - 369."
    3. Get a prescription for 30 or more tables, 250 mg.  If your doctor does not understand what is about to happen, then write for the following catalog:  Doctors---Foster & Smith Field Training Products for your pet selected by our veterinarians.  1-800-826-7206; or, order:

      Non-Prescription Antibiotics from Foster & Smith

      Note: Prices are subject to change and Goverment Policies subject your ability to get certain animal medicines
      Penicillin: #9F-2926 100 tab. (250mg Penicillin) $8.99
      Ampicillin: #9-F-2927 100 caps. (250mg Ampicillin) $16.99
      Tetracycline: #9F-2925 100 caps. (250mg Tetracycline $8.99
      Amoxicillin: #9F-1941 100 caps. (250mg Amoxicillin) $17.99
      Cephalexin (e., Keflex): #9F-1942 30 caps (250mg Cephalexin $13.99
      Metronidazole (e.g. Flagyl): #9F-8312 100 tabs. (250mg Metronidazole) $11.99

      They write: "By Aquafish, manufactured for use in fish tanks at one capsule/tablet for every 10 gallons of water."  If this disturbs you, see Ragnar Benson below.

  7. Nystatin & Gentian Violet for fungi.

  8. Mebendazole or Albendazole, and Piperazine for worms.

  9. Neosporin Opthamlic Solution & antibiotic eye ointments for eyes.

  10. Silver Nitrate Eye Drops, 1%. (for newborn babies' eyes)

  11. Lidocaine (Xylocaine) 2%, for sewing most wounds.

  12. Epinephrine for reactions to most drugs.  (Get some Lidocaine with and some without Epinephrine.)

  13. Tetanus Immune Globulin (human--less chance for reaction), or  Tetanus Antitoxin (horse--more chance for reaction), vial of 1500 units.  The first two are for any cuts or puncture wounds.   For immunization,  get "Super-Tet" Tetanus Toxoid.

  14. Silvadene (for burns; can stop a 2nd degree from going into a 3rd in  some cases).

  15. Huperzine A, for chemical warfare; start on now!   Also, good for memory and slowing down brain aging.

  16. Iodine crystals ($30 + s & h, 1-541-865-3370); better than Chlorine for  water purification.  Chlorine will not kill viral infections in water;  Iodine does.

  17. Evicol ($39.95 + $5 s & h, 1-800-845-1357), 2 drops per quart of water  (water purification).

  18. Pain Killers.  Physicians and dentists should get Tylenol-4, or stronger.    Lay persons too.   Also, aspirin, acetomenophen, and other NSAIDS    (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Bewarned: Tylenol, even at low doses, can cause liver dysfunction. Get the antidote--N-Acetyl Cysteine, 600 mg capsules. Ingest two, twice daily. Start now.

  19. Vitamins A & D: We suggest one start now on (adults) Vitamin A: 25,000 units with 1,000 units vitamin D as a combination. Carlson makes this amalgam. We also suggest Vitamin D by itself by Carlson products also. The Vitamin D: 1,000 units. Both should be taken daily. The vitamin A helps, not known by many, with proper utilization of protein. Those who follow high protein diets need true vitamin A. This is used in numerous reactions in the body.

    Note: This is an animal product; not found in fruits, vegetables, leafy green vegetables and seeds and grains. What you find in vegetables is beta-carotene. Depending upon your diet, status of your liver, and thyroid health, and if you're a diabetic, you may not be converting beta-carotene into true vitamin A. Beta-carotene is provitamin A. Get the real thing!

    We still see books by MDs, nutritionists, and others saying you get vitamin A in fruits and vegetables. You get it only from organ meats, COD liver oil, egg yolks, real lard, butter and similar ilk. Give children COD liver oil. Under one year of age, a few drops from an eye-dropper daily, after two weeks old. Older, up to a teaspoon or two daily after age of three months.

  20. Vitamin D is now receiving the reputation of The Antibiotic Vitamin, so writes Science News, November 11, 2006, vol. 170. They point out "that vitamin D boosts production in white blood cells of one of the antimicrobial compounds that defends the body against germs." The effective antimicrobial agent production that is ratcheted up in the white cells by vitamin D is Cathelicidin. This substance, found in white cells and ratcheted up by vitamin D, punches holes in the bacterial or viral membrane and lets its cell machinery flood out, destroying the microbial.

  21. The question is why does the influenza virus always attack the lungs? What, if any, was the evolutionary response to cause this, such that it is the lung tissue that is always attacked; not others, except associated structures, but especially the lungs?

    There are structures on lung cells that do not appear to be expressed elsewhere. They are a special form of adhesion molecules. This protein structure appears to have an affinity for certain structures on the virion (virus) in that the virus use these proteins on its surface to attach to the lung tissue; otherwise it would degraded by polymorphonuclear leukocytes (white cells) and other phagocytic (to eat) cells of the body.

    Under the circumstances of adhesion molecules, it might be prudent to add to your armamentarium list, Benadryl or some such similar, and later, cimetidine---all over the counter medications. Be warned, however, cimetidine does slow down thyroid activity.

    • It appears that the reason influenza attacks during the winter months and reaches its peak between December to March is because of low Sun light. The Northern hemisphere has the most population that registers this malady because there is very little Sun in the winter. Coupled with the fact that people avoid the Sun for cancer fears, little vitamin D is produced. And this is hypothesized by a number of scientists now to be one of the main causes for influenza appearing in the winter months, and being so virulent.

    • "Black people, because of the sun-filtering effect of dark pigments in their skin, are far more likely than whites to be vitamin D deficient."---Science News 10/16/04, p. 248.

      In view of the established fact that illegal aliens now entering the country, bringing with them a resistant strain of tuberculosis, we will undoubtedly witness more infections. At particular risk are black American citizens.

      Science News writes in the November 11, 2006, Vol. 170:
      "...blacks tend to be more susceptible to TB than whites and to develop a more severe illness when infected."
      Knowing the above and the fact that flu, colds, and any respiratory disease generated during the winter months occurs with greater frequency and severity than that which occurs during the summer months, it would be wise to start now to ingest Cod Liver Oil (COD) daily.

      We recommend Carlson Norwegian COD with Lemon Taste. Adults should take 1 - 2 tablespoons per day and consume additionally Carlson Vitamin A & D (25,000 A/1000 D) once per day. I, additionally, have my patients on Carlson Vitamin D 1000 IU daily.

  22. Lactoferrin is protein you can get at natural food stores. Lactoferrin in mother's milk has been shown to boost immune activity and reduce inflammation. This substance might be advantageous to have on hand; it just may give the body a fighting chance. Lactoferrin fights fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It even fights urinary-tract infections after it is degraded in digestion. Its fragments fight these infections as it is eliminated in the urine.

    The two outstanding problems that may surface again with a flu pandemic is an exaggerated inflammatory response and an intense over-reaction of the immune system.

    Lactoferrin reduces inflammatory over-reactions of the immune system.
    Get the Life Extension Brand of lactoferrin.

  23. Immune System: I am hearing nutritionists, physicians and laypersons now using the term "Cytokine Storm." They are associating this with the Bird Flu that may hit our shores next year or so; or, sooner. Then, these well-meaning people say, "Build your immune system....take this and this....and that...." I don't think they realize what they are saying or what a "Cytokine Storm" is! The two are incongruous in this case.

    I pointed out elsewhere, that textbooks, research papers, and various virologists have commented that the young were the ones most virulently attacked by the 1918 flu. Infants and elderly died too, but primarily the young in their prime. Why?---they did not know then, but only recently discovered the reason---Because their immune system was in its prime also, and this created the "cytokine storm" everyone is now talking about and probably do not know what it really means, except for bacteriologists/microbiologists and virologists.

  24. Bunker Mode: If a pandemic of any nature with extreme virulence hits our shores, the only thing to do is to stay out of harm's way! Hunker down. Stay within. Do not go out. Let it pass over. Then, another problem surfaces...and all the time this necessitates having:

    Why all this: Because estimates range from 20 to 60 million dead; now some researchers are estimating 80 million dead. Shipments will be delayed for weeks to months. The work force will be devastated. There will be a breakdown in the division of labor. Civil services will be gone. This all will generate a "madness" in people to take what they want. There will be confusion, chaos, and gangs plundering for three things:

    • Food
    • Fuel and ...
    • Females

    Get Prepared! The Life you save will be your own! Don't depend on others....and this means wives and husbands. Everybody has to carry part of the load.

        When we emerge from this, my, what we will have learned. Common decency, respect, and care for others will return; we will become good stewards of the Earth again.

    This demands you get Two Guns. Luke 22: 35-38.

  25. Hydrated lime, several 10 lb. sacks.

    1. Good for disinfection of latrines.   You'd better learn now how to dig a proper latrine and disposal of waste.

    2. Chemical WarFare Agents [Super Tropical Bleach (STB): Chlorinated Lime (use chlorine bleach) and Calcium Oxide (hydrated lime) plus water].

      1. Combine 1- 2 cups hydrated lime with same amount of chlorine, and liquid detergent in 1- 1/2 gallon garden sprayer; fill with water.

      2. Decontaminates against G- , and V-Agents, Mustard agents, and Lewisite. Remove clothes 1st, if possible; spray and saturate thoroughly; wash with plenty of hot, sudsy, water. Be sure and get all the hairy places! You have 1 minute. Work fast.

    3. Biological Agents

      1. If exposed, saturate with the above solution; wash with plenty of hot, sudsy water; start on antibiotics.  You have from 12 hours to 5 days, depending upon the agent.

        Note:  Penicillin and tetracyclines, amoxycillin, ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, and gentamycin are good for Anthrax. However, if the organism has developed resistance, penicillin and tetracyclines may not be effective.  These are good for other agents also (see Merck Manual).

      2. Huperzine A (Hup A):  Takes the place of Physostigmine, a prescription drug for neural agents (chemical warfare).  Hup A is not a prescription drug.  You can get Hup A at Health Food Heaven, 1-409-833-9961.  See our book, Chemical/Biological WarFare ... How You Can Survive.

        Caution:  Don't don't get the crude extract.  There is no safety data available on the whole herb extract and no clinical data to support the efficacy for enhancing memory.  "The actual crude extract as well as the whole herb itself is not recommended, due to considerable toxicity."  You want the purified extract of the whole herb extract, which comes to 98% purification.

  • Liquid Chlorine Bleach:  Store some.   However, it is more economical---and you can literally store thousands of gallons of bleach in the dry form---to make your own; use it for water purification, chemical and biological decontamination; and sell it when this all goes down.

    People just can not store enough liquid chlorine bleach for what is coming.  Also, it weakens over time.  I have investigated this matter and have found that swimming pool water purifications have the bleach in dry form.  But, beware, you don't want something that has all sorts of other chemicals listed.  It may not list them, but will say it has clarifiers, anti-foamers, etc. in the dry bleach---stay away from this type.

    One brand we recommend is Granular Dry Chlorinator by PoolTime. You can get it at Home Depot for $44.00.  It comes in 25 pound plastic buckets and consists primarily of Calcium Hypochlorite.   We like this brand because Calcium Hypochlorite [Ca(OCl)2] is not hygroscopic (does not attract water); practically clear in water solution; and, which is very important, a stable chlorine carrier.  A strong oxidizing material (read our book, Chemical/Biological WarFare ... How You Can Survive for more information on oxidizing material for chemical and biological agents.

    Calcium Hypochlorite is an algicide; bactercide; deodorant; potable water purification; disinfectant for swimming pools; fungicide; and a strong bleaching agent

    You can literally make 625 gallons of super-chlorinating (shocking) bleach using just 1 ounce in 625 gallons of water!  Thus, to make just a gallon of strong bleach, use a very small amount.   Add the dry chlorine bleach to the water and you've just made bleach!  Follow all the instructions and precautions on the side panel for safety.  You can use this for storage, sell, or trade--you are gonna need it!

  •  We will discuss shortly a subject that is not pleasant, and your doctor generally, if he knows about it, will not tell you about....  With what is coming, as heinous as the crime is, criminal sexual assault, rape, will abound.  It is utterly reprehensible and evil, but this may happen to you or someone you know.

    Life Saving Advice

    When food and fuel become extremely scarce, and if you have food and fuel but did not learn how to defend yourself (see other documents, "Survival," and "Refugees, Vagrants, & Hoboes" on this Web Site), there will be those who have infrared heat seeking devices that will track to your home.  Many hunters have these where they can see in the dark because of the light and heat gathering ability of these scopes.

    If the scopes show heat, then they will accurately assess you have not only the fuel, but food too!  Oh .... these are desperate men, they will be looking for not only fuel and food, but FEMALES too.

    As destestable as this crime is (the victim(s) more often than not feel as if they are about to be killed) with the physical injury, the psychological pain is unimaginable---now, they have to cope with another worry.  The contraction of AIDS.  We can help you with the latter, but not the former.

    There are a number of O-T-C, over-the-counter medications that can stop the aids virus if they are used quick enough.  Also, if some semblence of law and order is still about, you can save the wash solution to incriminate the criminal in a court of law and receive justice.  The substances we recommend will not destroy the genetic material in the rapist's sperm cells and allow him to be identified.

    The substance you want to douche with immediately after the rape that will kill the AIDS virus is Nonoxynol 9.  It must be used as soon as possible.  It not only kills the AIDS virus, but other Sexually Transmitted Diseases also.  In fact, douche wash in recent studies have shown that sperm cells can be isolated up to five (5) days when using Nonoxynol 9.

    Nonoxynol 9 is the spermicidal agent found in many birth control agents.  It is found in Ortho-Creme Contraceptive foam; Semicid Vaginal Contraceptive Inserts; Encare; Emko Because Contraceptive foam; Intercept Contraceptive Inserts; and Gynol II Contraceptive Jelly.  Get some, have it on hand, advise your friends to, also.

    Another thing you can use is vinegar that is diluted with water in the ratio of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water.  Example:  3 ounces vinegar in 30 ounces water.  But the Nonoxynol does do all we said according to the research; the vinegar, it did not say, other than it will kill the AIDS virus.


    Ginger Root capsules or ginger tea made from bags would be good for nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness, and upset stomach in general when you feel like you want to wretch. A good hot cup of ginger is soothing to the psyche.

    New, additional information is continually added throughout the document. It is added in appropriate places.   When you see the following, you must re-read the document for updates ... To Be Continued ....

    We highly recommend the following books:

    To order Chemical/Biological WarFare .... How You Can Survive, see homepage at this Website.

    For application of medicines and more, see, Where There Is No Doctor, a Village Health Care Handbook by David Werner.  Read the Green pages carefully.

    Ragnar Benson; Do - It Yourself Medicine-- How to Find and Use The Most Effective Antibiotics, Painkillers, Anesthetics, and Other Miracle Drugs ... Without Costly Doctors' Prescriptions or Hospitals.  Call (303) 443-7250, Paladin Press for book.  He points that veternary medicines are no different from the same medicines you take, except the price.

    For veterinary medicines, call 1- 800 - Jeffers; ask for Cattle, Swine, etc. catalog.  Or, visit you local Farm and Ranch store.

    We strongly suggest you get a current edition of The Merck Manual for consultation.  Remember, it is not a matter of if, but when this all goes down, you may not be able to see a physician, much less get to a hospital, to say the least.

    Albert Schweitzer, 1876 - 1965, Alsatian writer, musician, missionary, and great humanitarian doctor in Africa, claimed only two books.  One, from which he got his medicine for the outbacks of Africa, The Merck Manual, and the other, The Holy Bible.

    Remember!   You are not trying to play doctor, just stay alive.  What is coming is going to be unimaginable!  Get prepared now.

    We also suggest you update your vaccinations---immediately:

    • Get DPT if you have not ever had this.

    • Tetanus Booster.

    • Cholera .... good for only 6 months.

    • Typhoid .... good for 3 years (injectable); Oral--5 years.

    • Pneumovax time/life time shot for pneumonia.

    • Hepatitis A/B, if there is time.  Takes a number of months to complete.

    • Smallpox .... if you can find it.   Most children have never had it; and most adults need a booster.

    To help you prepare, we have included order forms for our books:

    ... How You Can Survive

    We have made this book as simple as it can get.  Your authors have researched this matter and much of what is out there is often convoluted, confusing, and difficult to follow.

    It is, much of the time, technical, and solutions in the same material for the same agent differ in another section of the same book.  What is written here is as simple as it gets. Admittedly, it may be difficult at first to grasp what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  That is why you need to read and reread this book to be prepared.  The most important thing about decontamination is that which concerns YOU !

    We have given common household chemicals that you can use in the event of a chemical warfare attack, and much of the same everyday household items can also be used in germ warfare decontamination.

    This book tells you how you can make your own passable protective chemical and biological warfare suit; also where to get protective masks and the antibiotics you can secure without prescription.  We also instruct the readers where professional protective suits and chemicals (used by U.S Government Military) for decontamination can be found, if so desired.

    It is no longer a matter of if, but when America will be attacked with chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction.

    The authors even show you how to make your own soap that will serve you well in everyday use as well as in decontaminating your person.  They go a step further and give you the recipe for a bath and beauty bar that can double as a decontaminating soap.

    We suggest you not lend this book out you won't get it back; especially when you need it most. Have your friends buy a copy. They are inexpensively priced, and the information is invaluable

    The methods in this book are one the housewife, the student, the businessman even a child can follow, and save his own life.  You should read this book and think, "I can do this!"

    Every effort was made to insure the accuracy of the information presented in this book.  All instructions, processes and recommendations are given without guarantee by the authors and Universal Laws Publishing Co., who hereby disclaim any liability for accidents, injuries, losses or damages resulting from the use of this book.


    Self medication where a physician's care is available is not advisable and can be dangerous.  This book serves only as a guide to those situations that are coming.

    The authors and the publisher of this book do not recommend or endorse self medication or the practice of medicine without a license.  The responsibility for any such activity is borne entirely by the reader.  Seek professional medical help if possible.


    (Books Available From Universal Laws Publishing Company)

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    • Why it may be best not to be a vegetarian with the coming bacteriological (biological) warfare attack.
    • Who may be most susceptible in germ warfare.
    • What nutritional supplements may enhance your chances of survival.
    • ...and little known facts about vaccination and antibiotics as they relate to chemical/biological warfare.
    • Taking other medications may compromise your recovery from an attack.
    • What to do if your water supply is attacked.

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