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Prudent Avoidance
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    There are a number of fields in the external world. We are concerned primarily with an Electromagnetic Field (EMF), consisting of magnetic and electric properties. It has a magnetic field and an electric field. The electric field cannot be felt but can be measured with the correct equipment. The magnectic field is a force which can be measured and felt.

    But first, what is a field? It is that space around a body, such as a magnetic or electric wire energized with current flow, in which the influence is felt. If it is a magnetic force, the Magnetic Field is called the field of the magnet.

This is a magnetic field: [Magnetic Field]

    An Electric Field is the "space between and around charged bodies." The electric field is also called an electrostatic field or a dielectric field, or a force field. This "field always emanates from material objects and extends between bodies with unlike charges. The fields of force spread out in the space surrounding their points of origin, constantly diminishing as the distance from those points increases."—Basic Electricity, Ryan Charles W.

This is an electric field: [Electric Field]

    An electric field can be measured, though, like a magnetic field, its exact nature is not known. Nor can we feel an electric field as we can feel a magnetic field.

    If we take two similar poles of a bar magnet and bring them close together, we can feel their push to keep them separate. This sensation is called repulsion. What you are feeling is the magnetic field. However, if we bring two opposite poles of a bar magnet together, we can feel their pulling on each other such that they quickly snap together. That feel is their magnetic field of attraction.

    The magnetic field of a bar magnet: [The Magnetic Field of A Bar Magnet]

    Illustration of the repulsion effect of two similar poles of bar magnets:

[Repulsion Effects of Two Opposite Poles of A Bar Magnet]

    Illustration of the attraction effect of two opposite poles of bar magnets:

[Attraction Effects of Two Opposite 
les of A Bar Magnet]

    The magnetic field can also be illustrated by placing a sheet of paper over the two ends of a magnet situated a few inches apart and sprinkling iron filings over the paper. The pattern of iron filings projects a "visible" map of the magnetic field. This can be performed with just a single magnet.

    Now, let's bring this all together. When an electric current is pushed through a wire (conductor) or appliance, an electromagnetic field (EMF) is produced. Wherever electricity is found moving through such a conductor or where an object has an electric charge, an electromagnetic field is produced. The wavelike fluctuation of this field is known as electromagnetic radiation. And the product that is produced has electric and magnetic fields when the charges of electricity are moved. Thus, an ion (a positively or negatively charged atom or group of atoms) that has motion develops a magnetic and electric field.

    EMFs are everywhere. In various appliances, such as your electric toothbrush, razor, toaster, cell phone, handy/walkie–talkies, radio, TV, computers, especially microwave ovens, including power transmission lines, step–up/down transformers and electrical substations to name a few.

    They also surround electric ranges, near currents formed in the ground from plumbing and near electrical outlets. This includes lights and light fixtures, including office machines and various video terminals, be they computer screens or video outlets of radar equipment. Electric blankets are another source. They are everywhere! We now live in an EMF environment.

    Anywhere electricity is used, electric fields (EFs) and magnetic fields (MFs) are generated at the same time electricity is in use. Normally they occur together. However, when current is not flowing in a circuit, light fixture, for example, an electric field is present, but not a magnetic field. When the fixture is turned on and energized, EFs and MFs are both present. Taken together, we have an electromagnetic field.

Common Characteristics of EMFs:

  • Both fields generate radiation in the form of waves.

  • Both are produced from the flow of electricity in a circuit. They drop off when you increase the distance from the source. This is for household fixtures and appliances. However, a field produced by a transmission line requires at least several hundred feet before the strength of the EMF drops off to safe levels.

  • Both fields are invisible and silent and because humans are not biologically able to sense their presence, they mainly are unnoticed, yet we are surrounded by them constantly. Occasionally an electrical field that is unsually strong will produce a crackling or buzzing sound. Very strong currents can generate a contact current producing a shock.

    This is somewhat analogous to what we spoke of in the last UpDate regarding EMPs from nuclear blast. Standing on the ground near a conductor; touching a conductor, may cause an electrostatic (static electricity) jump from the conductor to you. You possibly could serve as an antenna for the ElectroMagnetic Pulse, depending on your body shape, size, configuration, and other geometric factors, grounding, your orientation in the immediate space around you and the field or pulse characteristics itself causing you to receive a nasty jolt. It you wear a pacemaker, that may be all that is needed to cause your demise.

    In fact, the human body is an excellent conductor of electromagnetic fields, and as such is an antenna. The contact currents from above, if you touch an electric appliance, the electric field of that appliance will conduct the contact currents into your person from the appliance. If the currents are large, you could get a shock.

    The human body is an electromagnetic system. Muscles move, electrical; heart beat, electrical; cell division, electrical; informing self of self, electrical. And where there is a particle with a charge and moving, a magnetic field is set up. Electromagnetism is basic to the human body. Anything that interfers with that system sets the system up for dysfunction.

Differences Between EFs and MFs of EMFs:

  • They have different effects on matter that is alive. When living organisms come into EMF's range, there is an uncoupling of one field from the other. That is, the electric fields separate from the magnetic fields. They affect organisms in different and separate manners. As stated above, when the applicance is on or off, but still plugged in to an energizing circuit, if off, the magnetic field disappears, but not the electric field. Electric fields are shielded by many things such as trees, houses, buildings, and etc. But, a magnetic field is not. It can radiate through anything that does not contain a large amount of iron. Iron is permeable in that it redirects the field around it, shielding what is in it or behind it.

  • This difference is of paramount importance because it is felt that the problems or dangers come primarily from the magnetic component of EMFs and not due to the electric portion.

    "The property of a substance by virtue of which magnetic lines of force are able to pass through it is called permeability."— Graphic Survey of Physics, Taffel. Air is very permeable and the human body is almost equal to that of air in terms of permeability. Therefore, the entire magnetic field will suffuse or enter the human body.

    Some humans are sensitive to magnetic fields because humans have magnetite (a natural permanent magnetic iron ore) in the retina of the eyes and in the brain as well as the ethmoid sinuses bone region and the nervous system. Most people don't notice the MFs...and that is the problem. We recommend you get a Gauss Meter, specifically a Tri–Field Meter to measure EFs and MFs in your immediate environment, especially home and work and then take measures to shield against them if they are more than 1 mG. The safe level of EMFs proposed by the EPA.

    Electromagnetic fields influence melatonin production, a hormone produced in the pineal gland. Not only is this hormone used for good sleep; but it also helps fight cancers. Telephone linemen, electricians, or workers around electrical equipment were shown in various studies to have a sixfold increase in breast cancer.

    Brain tumors have increased, as other cancers, with increased cell phone use. In our private practice, we have correlated "dry–eye syndrome" with electromagnetic fields. The electrostatic fields in this high EMF environment seem to have generated an outburst of dry eyes. Those EMFs are blatant drying agents. Fish oil is the treatment of choice. Because most will not follow the advice of learning and educating themselves about EMFs in their immediate environment, they seek alternative methods when told of EMFs and what they do to humans as well as to other animals.

    Your WebMasters have found a dizzying array of radio and cell phone towers on hospital roofs. Roof space is rented or leased to those companies by hospitals on their roofs. The towers receive and transmit. It is the transmission where the problems primarily exist. The people beneath, hospital personnel and patients, receive a constant higher dose of EMFs from such operations. Immune systems drop, cancers are promoted, and numerous other conditions happen that you don't want your patients suffused with. Yet, the physicians raise no questions concerning such an operation. Most are even unaware that such problems exist with electromagnetic fields.

    If you have a patient in the hospital; or, become one yourself; or, work there for a number of minutes to hours, we strongly advise you get a Tri–Field Meter with or without sound. Learn how to use it and you will see how much exposure you, patients, or friends in such an environment of EMFs are encompassed with. See the chart in this document below. Then, get the Q–Link, Lodestone, and Cyber Hat to help ward off and protect from such fields.

    Some EMF specialists contend that since you cannot measure whether these devices do any good; therefore, they feel, you should avoid them. You can measure the Cyber Hat against a microwave oven using the Tri–Field Meter and get positive results. You have just proven that the Cyber Hat works against microwave and radio frequencies–exactly as claimed. The others we have not been able to measure any results as to whether or not they work. However, if you are still having trouble with the EMF spectrum after using Prudent Avoidance, then these items are worth trying. Many athletes, scientists, celebrities, and others have used the Q–Link with positive results. They continue getting these results after the six–week placebo period. It is worth trying if you are having the problems mentioned in this document.

    Breast cancer has increased in men. Heart disease is up too. If you have to work under such conditions of high EMFs, there are camisoles for men and women to protect the chest area. Men's are called T–Shirts. See Less EMF.Com for the Cyber Hat, Tri–Field Meter(s) and Wearing Apparel.

    You can order the lodestone from Beadazzle.com and the Q-Link Q-Linkplus.

    Another problem not generally considered is fluorescent lights. We are immersed in a sea of this light. Working under this spectrum causes vision and concentration problems. Many institutions of learning employ such devices because they are cheaper and use less electricity than incandescent fixtures. Few physicians and school boards know that this type of lighting is causing concentration problems. Thus, kids are drugged. College students even enter the blackmarket for drugs to purchase that help with concentration. It is now a pervasive problem.

    It will get worse by 2012 if the screw–in fluorescent lights proposed for phasing in have a small ballast in the base. Fluorescent lights, as used presently, have a ballast that generates high magnetic fields. The ethmoid bone of those sinuses and eyeballs are the areas highest in the body containing magnetite. The pineal gland, which is important for biological health and sleep, is affected by magnetic fields. These areas mentioned are affected with resonances. In other words, they resonate—act just like an antenna. With normal balance out of control due to high EMFs, it is felt by some highly qualified researchers in electromagnetic fields, that rage reactions will increase—they have. Violence will increase in our society—it has! This violence can be correlated with the constantly increasing background EMF encompasing a wide frequency range.

    Incidently, another reason you need a meter for EMFs: Many transmitting and receiving towers are placed on property rented out by unrelated businesses or other entities. Often, you find them tucked away in big crosses of churches or steeples, another favorite place. The congregation is being irradiated with this type of frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Another good hiding place is a rectangular building that is built to house the towers, because property values go down when they are blatantly exposed.

    You can see why you need a meter to ferret out the source of persistantly high EMF readings in any area you frequent. You'll be surprised how much electromagnetic pollution there is around you and you never even know it, unless you, as some are, sensitive to it because of the magnetite in your brain warning you of its presence. Many do not know why they have consrtant headaches and other physicial problems when they go to church, certain resturants, etc. Some of these places are situated under or near distrubution lines bringing in power to the place, irradiating them with EMFs.

    Sometimes all it takes to fix them is to tighten a loose connection, some rewiring, changing out the cracked or broken glass insulator on the pole or transformer. But, don't be surprised at how much "guff" you get from the power–line company...."There's no such problem," or, "You don't have a problem," to even..."It's all in you head." Do not be surprise if after persistance from you, a paid "expert" from some university calls and says similar. Contact Carnegie Mellon's University Dept of Engineering — we did and got the straight dope. You will too!

    This has occurred in neighborhoods where "cancer clusters" have been epidemologically studied, only to find the cause was high EMFs when one epidemiologist researcher heard on a broadcast about EMFs, or saw an article in a newspaper about breaking research studies in this area that was quite revealing. On a chance, she got an EMF meter, learned how to use it, and then learned of the financial power of vested interested that tried to discredit the doctor's credentials and study as "bad science," parading in so–called "experts" who never did EMF research, let alone even had an EMF meter. She went against paid engineers as "specialists" of the same ilk. She persisted and presented real researcher's work and won.

    Even electricians are not in the know on this. Often, because they may work around high EMF fields, they have succumbed to cancers and/or other maladies. Many have done "short cuts" stretching the code and persons in the home or work environment have experienced a "ground loop" or "current loop." This can be straightened out easily. Simply all lines coming into a dwelling, fixture, etc. must exit that fixture to the source. This, on the surface, would be hard now to do since all lines are now cable with hot, white, ground and bare returning to the source. But, some doing wiring on their own and not by the code, for instance, illegal aliens doing their wiring as they did in their country where the code may not have been as strict, may have created a ground loop.

    This can definitely occur from grounding to a water line a house improperly wired and your home next to it is receiving high EMFs due to the circuit loop/or ground loop following the water service line feeding your house bring it into your home and irradiating your family night and day—a dangerous situation. This is in areas that ground to waterlines. Get a meter and learn how to use it and check your house, especially during peak usage when families are home in the morning and evenings.

    Neighborhoods where headaches and other maladies persisted for years were seen suddenly with power–line company employees sporting gaussmeters taking EMF readings when citizen complaints were loud enough. Then, working on the circuitry or placement of transformers and taking readings, the power–line company employees left. Almost within a day or so, headaches stopped, and other ailments cleared up, except the cancer.

    One of the big problems with continuous EMF exposure is childhood leukemias. In adults are other cancers. It appears that a continuous exposure to high EMFs stimulates the rate of cancer growth of the cells. In other words, EMFs serve as a cancer promotorGet The Meter.

    Recently, we just found a souce that caused every room of a house being in the proposed non–safe range of 3.5 mG. The source was about 60 to 80 feet from the dwelling. It was a power line power transformer. Our recommendation: Get the Q–Link, Lodestone, and camisole for the person living in that house, including the Cyber Cap. We also recommend calling the power company to enlist their aid in checking for loose connections at the pole, distribution line, etc. Or changing out the older transformer for a later model as it might not have such high fields.

    We digress for a moment. The reason is because if you are polluted with an electromagnetic field, reduce its effects to safe levels now, for soon, you will have enough other problems to deal with. They will be, though harsh, easier if you do not have hidden EMF problems affecting your health.

    Life in America in 2008, will turn down. This summer and most definitely in September, we will probably experience a "Time Shock." Our cities will, from all indications, go into chaos. We are now, most assuredly, in our last warnings to get prepared. Soon, you will not be able to do it. Even now, as we said in a recent UpDate, it is too late for most. If you have lived modesly and have savings, which most American do not know what that is anymore, you can still prepare—but my, at what cost to your psyche and body. You are most definitely going to need guns and lots of ammunition. This details you know self–defense with your weapon. A golf club, billy bat, fish bat, stick, karate, judo, tire iron just will not cut it! Get Gunned–Up!

    As this is occurring, oil will go to $150.00 or more a barrel. Between this time and 2011, cities and towns will hemorrhage population. Malls and strip centers will be haunted by "owls," "scorpions," and "hyenas." It will not be a safe time to be out anymore. If you have not prepared to "hunker" down, you may go "down" when out scrounging for necessities! Churches will have let people down because they "sought to benefit from the same economies of scale as those enjoyed by the giant retail chains."— The Long Emergency, Kunstler, James Howard.

    When this long emergency begins for you and us, you must be prepared for the change now with your mindset. This entails the way you look at this. The government will not be able to help you. Just look at the Katrina victims huddled in Superdome for a week with no water and other bare necessities to make life bearable. They became animals. They relieved themselves whenever and wherever the urge hit them.

    One day there will be declared a banking holiday. When they reopen, your money will be worth pennies on the dollar. Banks are not in good shape. We feel there are several big banks, on the East coast, that will be taken over by federal banking regulators. Many will go belly–up. This will bring on sale of their assets to even the building they own and other office buildings. You will probably lose. One big problem we see is that your credit card you go to use will no longer work, because the bank is no long present. The FDIC will pay off depositors only to the amount of $100,000 per person. Again, you stand to lose. Being prepared helps lessen the blow(s) coming. The failing banks will create cascading cross–defaults.

    Everywhere we lecture, there are many workout studios and gyms in strip centers or malls. These will go. Most are unaware that they have gotten their biochemistry used to the pump, a condition that exhilerates and infuses endorphins into the body. Missing these workouts for a week or even less, a depression can befall these people who have not prepared their mindset that such an event is coming. They will be hard to live with.

    We suggest to go to a local athletic store, while you can, and get an inexpensive weight set with barbell and bench with racks. Now is the time to set up a small, inexpensive gym at home and do stomach exercises, bench presses, hack squats, military presses, and dead lifts. Get also dumbells to do one–arm rowing motions, shoulder shrugs, biceps curls and French triceps press. We recommend these exercises to enhance the body to keep putting out growth hormone, provided the exercise is intense enough. Proper rest is important for recovery; else, a sustained Stress Response takes over and GH and Testosterone plummets (See Depopulation Series at Menu). It is now suggested by recent studies, that growth hormone stimulates testosterone release. It is definitely known that testosterone causes growth hormone release.

    You will need the above not only to keep feeling alert and staying healthy, but you will need to keep up tremendous strength so as to fight off encounters effectively if it comes to hand-to-hand combat. This will occur! Being prepared means to keep from having too much shock and disruption in your life when this happens. It is going to happen to all of us. Being apprised of this means we can lessen its affects somewhat...at least mentally.

    Practically all cities will go down! They will be face down soon. The chaos will go up and this demands you have taken the means and time now to be ready before that time to vacate the city ahead of the hoard. Look for a small community to land in. However, once the Hell Breaks completely, it won't take long for word to get out that unruly hoards are coming their way and the small communities will reinforce themselves and no one will be allowed in or through their city. Forget about deliveries. Our nation is about to become made up of individual communites that are self–sufficient. Many communities won't make it because they waited too late. Many won't make it because they will try to let too many in and that will lead to their undoing. Remember, over–population leads to depopulation.

    What we are about to witness within the next few years, beginning this year, no living human being has ever seen before. The stress alone will be horrendous. And chronic stress leads to biochemical stress exhaustion which leads to disease and death.

    We are now surrounded with an ocean of electropollution. In test animals, when electropollution was applied, the animals did not know they were stressed, but tests showed increased levels of stress hormones, especially cortisol. EMFs increase Stress Hormones. Sustained stress hormones decrease immune system function.

    Now that The Hell Is Breaking, more stress will compound our weakened immune system function and disease will become rampant.

    EMFs increase ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). This enzyme increases prior to cell division. It strips a molecule of carbon dioxide off of ornithine, an amino acid. Thus, it has been found that as EMFs increase ODC, there is increased cell growth. But, the two–edged sword of EMFs goes into play: they increase cortisol and this causes the immune system to drop in effectively scouting and detecting abberant cells. The ODC is a marker for cancer in tests.

    Does any of this sound familiar? There is another name we could give this set–up we're undergoing now: Massive Depopulation.

    Keep in mind the above as we consider the type of oil most who have prepared have stored. It is what the establishment has told you to store and what is good for you, "you silly little children." We know what's best for you. Buy the oils, use the oils and make the edible oil industry richer and they will continue to support the AHA.

    When one uses polyunsaturated oils (PUFAs) to the excess we now do in the form of flaxseeds, fish oils, and other omega–threes, and for storage, many have plain corn oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, etc, these decrease thyroid function and the thyroid hormone (TH) that is released, T4, is not transported as well to tissues.

    The PUFAS interfere with the cellular respiratory function of the mitochondria in all tissues. This is where you produce the energy currency (ATP) needed to drive metabolic machinery and feel good. This implies increased TSH. However, presently, TSH has been reset higher in tests than what it was years ago.

    TSH is pathogenic, according to Dr. Ray Peat of Ray Peat's Newsletter, January, 2008. Pathologically high is now defined as normal. It has demonstrated major roles in "breast cancer, mastalgia, MS, Fibrotic diseases, and epilepsy." He writes that many people who have been told they have thyroid dysfunction and will have to take thyroid hormones the rest of their lives "began producing normal amounts of those hormones within a few days of eating more protein and fruit."

    People who thought they had been following a healthy diet appeared as if they had no thyroid gland. They had been avoiding eggs and sugars. They ate lots of soy.

    Thyroid hormone converted correctly to T3 causes cholesterol to be used quickly. In the 1930s, it was discovered that cholesterol rises in hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone production). But, just about everyone has, we are told, high cholesterol. Therefore, this demands increased drug usage to reduce cholesterol. Then, there is only one valid conclusion: America is in an epidemic of hypothyrodism and this implies As The Hell Breaks and generates more force, people will be dropping like flies.

    Why? Dr. Peat says,

"Hypothyroidism can be seen as slowed conduction along nerves, and slowed recovery and readiness for new responses. Slow reaction time is associated with slowed memory, perception, and other mental process."

    This will happen at a time you need it least to happen. You need to be alert and in condition yellow. Sharp as a tack; wise as a fox. We suggest to rethink your storage oils now. Coconut oil stores almost indefinitely; the same for palm kernel oil. Get dehydrated butter. Recondition with water and some coconut and palm oils if necessary. These are tropical oils. Do not use vegetable oils. See [Butter Can].

    Product Information Re: Dehydrated Butter

To Reconstitute: Add 1/3 cup water to 1/2 cup Butter Powder. Mix well. Add a small amount of vegetable oil [We recommend tropical oils] for a smoother texture and to enhance flavor. When used in baking: It is not necessary to reconstitute. Simply add to dry ingredients and increase liquid. For herbed and flavored butters: Add spices according to your own recipe.


Butter (cream, water, salt), non-fat milk, Tocopherols, Ascorbyl Palmitate, and BHT (added to protect flavor).


Contains Milk. Processed in a plant that handles dairy, wheat, soybean, peanut, and tree nut products.

    Graphically, PUFAs and Thyroid looks like this:

  • Increased PUFAs Decreases Thyroid function and TH transport.

  • T3 decreases Cholesterol.

  • But everyone has high cholesterol.

  • Increased Drug Usage to Lower Cholesterol.

  • The Above 1 – 4 Implies We are Now in An Epidemic of Hypothyroidism and this Implies When The Hell Breaks, People will Drop Like Flies as it reaches its height! They Will Just Give Up. They Will Go Face Down!

    Yet, so many people show normal thyroid tests, still do not feel right, nor energetic. We have discussed this before and will not in this document. But we will say a doctor or health care provider would be wise to conduct the following test, along with the regular thyroid profile test, for better evaluation of patient status regarding thyroid:

  • Achilles Tendon Reflex Test.

  • Have a reverse T3 test performed at the same time the thyroid pannel run.
  • And include a Transthyretin test. This protein carries both thyroid hormones and vitamin A. Stress, you recall from previous editions of the Chemical/Biological WarFare UpDate, reduces this hormone. Thus, we will see vitamin A deficiency problems too and have. Some contend this is one of the main causes of the rise in breast cancer in women when they stopped eating whole eggs.

    In the 1940s, it was estimated that about 40% of the American population was low–thyroid; now, it is considered somewhere between 50 and 60% are.

     An electric field is measured in volts per meter (V/m); or, large amounts of voltage, as in high–tension transmission lines, are measured in kilovolts (1,000 volts) per meter (kV/m), and a magnetic field is measured in Gauss (G) or milligauss (mG). A milligauss is one–thousandth of a gauss. The microTesla (µT) is the international unit for measuring the strength of magnetic fields. One microtesla equals 10 mG and one tesla (T) equals 10,000 gauss. This Tesla is the unit seen in magnetic field studies using Gaussmeters or Magnetometers.

    The Earth is a giant magnet. And organisms, human included, have evolved within the 0.2 gauss to 0.6 gauss of its field. Thus, no harm. This is an ordinary field as power lines and those EMFs found in ordinary everyday workplaces or homes. All these fields interact by subtracting, adding, and even null and voiding each other at times. This effect makes ambient exposure difficult to evaluate. But, evidence is showing they do cause problems.

    There is another field that is not often heard of. It is the Biofield of the human body. The living organism, the body, in this case, has a weak magnetic and electric field that can be measured.

    The biofield was established officially in 1994 by the National Institutes of Health in the United States. They did this to acknowledge the body of research that is growing and demonstrates a subtle body field that extends beyond our physical body.

    The body's biofield: [The BioField Of The Human Body]

    We will discuss in this document what happens when our bodies, over millions of years have evolved with the natural 0.2 to 0.6 gauss (a measure of magnetic strength, which varies in different parts of the world) of the Earth's magnetic field and when we, now, suddenly get more, especially continuously, than what our bodies can handle. We will also explain how to handle such an onslaught of EMFs.

Prudent Avoidance

    Dr. Indira Nair, a world–class physicist from Carnegie Mellon's Department of Engineering and Public Policy, co–authored the 1989 Office of Technology Assessment paper that brought new awareness to the scientific community and helped form science's attitude and thinking about EMF effects on the body with the statement:

"The emerging evidence no longer allows one to categorically assert that there are no risks."

    She further said later:

  • We're changing the evolutionary environment.

  • Certain types of cancer have shown an increase.

  • Worries about the central nervous system effects.... The preponderance of the evidence tells me something is there I should worry about.

    We have discovered she was only touching the surface...it is a lot worst than one can imagine.

    If you are having health problems, with diabetes, heart, weight–gain/loss, to mention just a few, it is time to ascertain your environmental exposure to Electromagnetic Fields.

    We suggest to get a tri–field meter and reduce your exposure. We suggest the Tri-Field Meter with alarm for patients wearing a pacemaker; or, you can get the regular Tri–Field Meter without alarm: No–Alarm Tri–Field Meter. Cursor down to evaluate the Personal EMF Alarm Meter with sound once you are at the site. [Personal EMF Alarm With Sound]

    Dr. Nair and others of her team coined: Prudent Avoidance. It means, whenever possible, reduce exposure to EMF, such as turn off your cell phone when not using it. Use it for only short periods during the time of use. Remove from your night stand clock radios to more than a foot away or turn them off and get a wind–up clock.

    All this deems, you get a meter and test the phone when dialing or receiving calls. Same with the electric clock. We found electric clocks were in the danger region with EMFs.

    When we tested our cell phones, what a surprise! The expensive model when receiving and transmiting had practically zero milligauss. What an eye-opener. It is a Motorola brand. Don't assume they all have built-in shielding or no shielding. This one either has built in shielding and/or wiring configuration such that the magnetic and electric fields cancel out each other respectively. One writer gave all cell phones a carte blanche avoidance. He evidently does not know about gaussmeters and what you do with them. Regardless of how your phone tests, turn it off when not in use. And only use for short periods daily.

         Our other cell phone, a cheapie pay as you go, emotionally shocked us, in that it had gauss readings receiving and transmitting in the red zone of 25 mG to nearly 100 mG. Definitely a brain cancer promoter if used continuously as one physician believes his usage of such a device caused his brain tumor. Cell phones can cause eye cancer and there is a definite link between brain and eye cancer and cell phone use. The meter has probably saved our lives and much morbidity. We will even use such a one only as before, on and then off quickly, but with even less usage. Get a meter and test...test...test.... You're in for a shockeroo when you start testing everything.

    You may proffer that you use an "earpiece." Thus, you don't have to be concerned about your head absorbing EMFs. "So you use a headset to reduce cellphone radiation to your brain. That's good. But where can you put the phone? If you keep it on your belt clip, you are irradiating that part of the body."— lessemf.com. The same argument goes for ham radio operators talking on a walkie talkie with an earpiece with the transmitter/receiver attached to their belt.

    When wearing the cell phone at the waist, your hip bone is receiving the EMF radiation. Most of the red blood cells in the human organism are made in the hip bones. This radiation can alter them. Some form of cancer may be the result, such as leukemia. Other internal organs close to the site where the cell phone is worn are also receiving the pulse. It is all bad.

    Another problem exists if your hip set is connected to an earpiece with a wire. This wire serves as an antenna and can literally pull out of the air any other ambient or nearby EMF radiation. This, however, is not as bad as having the cell phone next to your head.

    A wireless headset will pull in EMFs from further afield. These types should also be avoided. In our tests we discovered that when transmitting, such as in dialing a number, the Trifield indicator bounced back and forth to the danger area from the safe level as the dialing was being completed (transmitting). Thus, on dialing, hold the cell phone out from the body, eyes, and brain at arm's length for safety to your biofield and tissues.

    One problem that is not often discussed concerning cell phones is that in an outlying area where the signal is weak, and you know it because you have difficulty in connecting, the cell phone "grinds" and "grinds" harder and harder in trying to make a connection, thus emitting stronger and stronger EMFs that irradiate the user. Solution: At the first sign of difficulty in making a connection; such as being dropped and attempting again and still failing to connect, simply wait until you are closer to a stronger signal.

    We further suggest that children, with their growing brains, should not have cell phone access, as they absorb the EMF radiation easier and there is more chance for damage. We see retention problems, irritability, behavioral dysfunctions, especially sleep dysfunction, and more leukemias in this group. We are likely to see an explosion of brain and eye cancer by 2014. There will be more dysfunctions showing up in all age groups by then.

    Dr. George Carlo, Ph.D, M.S., J.D, is a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, and the founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute. Dr. Carlo headed the $28.5 million research program funded by the cell phone industry from 1993 to 1999. Dr. Carlo has appeared on 20/20, 60 Minutes, World News Tonight, CBS News with Dan Rather and The Today's Show, as well as on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Dr. Carlo Speaks About Cell Phone Relationship with Brain and Eye Cancer:

Dr. George Carlo Explains How The BioField is Affected with EMFs:

    Your WebMasters might add to get a blue light box for daytime usage for about 30 minutes.The human body has gotten used over eons of time to the blue sky which tells the brain to come alert. No more sleep time. Time for being up and working with alertness and cognitive awareness. At one time scientists thought that winter depression and sleep disorders could be off–set with brightly lit light boxes with the full–spectrum of visible light. We now know that the same benefit is received faster and better with the light emitting diodes (LEDs) blue light spectrum than white light and in less time.

    Throughout the millennia, the human species worked out–of–doors most of its life and developed its biological clock such that the blue sky stimulated alertness, and as the day wore on, the rustic colors started turning off the alert and very sharp wakeful state and finally as darkness fell, with the blue light gone, the pineal gland started generating melatonin for deep, biologically restful, restorative sleep. Melatonin has been shown to help protect against cancer, especially prostate cancer, keep the immune system up and a number of other functions.

    The purpose of the blue light box is to reset the biological clock that light polution has off–set. By re–setting the body clock, depression has dropped, and Alzheimer's patients were discovered to not wander off if they received two hours of the blue light.

    Computers have a bluish tinge to their screen and as such emit blue emissions. As a result, people who work with computers at night are often sleep–deprived, especially teenagers. These people tend to be more fractious and easily angered. Often, depression figures into their differential diagnosis. Instead of receiving signals from night that it is time to prepare for sleep to build some 23–odd hormones for the next day's work, the brain exposed to the computer at night doesn't get the "message" to prepare for sleep by shutting down the reticular activating system and to start building melatonin.

    Many office workers as well as teens and others working, surfing the net, emailing at the computer up to 10:00 to 11:00 PM, or even later, often find they can't relax down and fall asleep. They toss and turn for hours and then sleep only a few hours and the whole scenario begins again. By morning they literally have to drag out of bed and you on the highway are facing and/or driving along with someone not working on all cylinders. They often resort to caffeine–laced drinks to get through the day, and then it begins all over again.

    As The Hell Breaks in full force, these people will become volatile and will eventually succumb to the horrendous stress, sooner than others—not before they have caused great suffering to one or more human beings. We are seeing a forerunner of this in schools now. Teachers are consulting us for extreme stress from the student population. Many flat–out now say they are scared for their safety. People are sleeping less and demonstrate more irascibleness—"marked by hot tempers and easily provoked anger."

    You can purchase the blue light at: GoLite Mood Relief ; or, go Here. Or try Ebay.

    The blue lights are housed in a portable–size light box and the company has a website you can go to and find out how long and the number of times you use the light box per day at first to entrain the body's electromagnetic field until reducing down to once or twice daily.

    We advise patients to use the blue light for 30 minutes once or twice a day, and then at night to turn off the biological clock for daytime, to wear for several hours at night prior to bed, blue blockers which are yellow goggles, that stop blue hues and as such allow one's own circadian rhythm to advance to the sleep stage and his brain to start producing melatonin effectively and efficiently. Melatonin tablets just don't seem to work as well as one's own body. You can keep using the computer but often start yawning and are ready for bed after a few days or so of using the blue blockers. These are not blue blocker sunglasses. With those you cannot read the computer screen easily. With the yellow goggles, you can still read and work until deep, refreshing biologically restorative sleep overcomes you.

    Check out blue blockers or the yellow goggles at: [BlueBlocker/Yellow Goggles]

    These sleep-deprived people are very tired...may not even know it...and are easily provoked. Hormone output for the next day's work is down and they are functioning on what's left of the previous days output. We will see more outrage in school campuses and in the work place. Diets with the polyunsaturate fatty acids and endocrine disruptors will facilitate this greatly.

    We are on the eve of something that humanity has never witnessed in its current manifestation on earth before. And...our technology is going to make it far worse than it would have ever been.

    Dr. Nair advocates if you live near substations, transformers, high–voltage lines and...

"If the fields near your house are much higher than normal ambient fields, move away."

    Reduce exposure to microwave ovens in that when they are in operation, be not more than three feet near them. To do this, use a Tri–Field meter to find out your safe and best distances. Your immediate environment is loaded with EMFs.

    Electric cords, when not energized, still give off a field. Use the Tri–Field meter to ascertain how safe and what distance to keep from some or most appliances. Our technology is killing us and we have become totally dependant upon it. Thus, Prudent Avoidance and Shielding is your next best bet. Shielding is the process of blocking or reducing to harmless levels EMFs. You can shield with materials from source(s) given in this document such as Less EMF.Com. Regardless, because we cannot live without our modern technology, it will be costly to avoid as much as possible and to shield. But our health is at stake. And with what is coming, you want to enter this with the best possible chances of survival.

    Our modern computerized electronic vehicles are a tremendous source of EMFs constantly irradiating drivers when they are in their vehicles. Many work out of their trucks and automobiles. They are in them constantly and are continuously irradiating extremely important organs and body parts. We will discuss this more in Part II coming in April and what you can do about it.

    Yet, there is an inexpensive method that will be discussed later that many are not doing to reduced exposure and resonance—amplifying body frequencies to EMFs by the EMFs which the body was never intended to experience on a continuing basis. The body can then demodulate (extract) them and incorporate those frequencies into its own body patterns which have been linked to the generation of heart disease, disease, depression, restlessness, poor sleeping, and numerous other health conditions.

    Electromagnetic Fields can alter charged particle motion in living organisms. Also, a charged particle under motion has an electric and magnetic field. In living matter, such as the human body, there is a biosphere that is electrical and magnetic in essence. Charged particles such as calcium, lithium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other ions that are constantly being used by the body machinery to function in a state of health. They still function, but not as we define health if they go aberrant. There are also charged molecules, atomic nuclei or electrons in living substance that can be and are affected by EMFs the same way that are the mineral ions...lithium, potassium, and so forth. The minerals given are important in causing the cell membrane to receive, complete, or get the "message" of cell signaling.

    When an electric field is added at the same frequency to a magnetic field that is at right angles to that electric field, energy from the electric field is transfered to the ion increasing its speed. Suddenly, we now have something happening that was not intended by mother nature. Very small amounts of added energy to mineral ions, say lithium, for example, can cause the ion to extract or demodulate energy from the incurring electromagnetic field. This energy is data or information and the body now makes use of it. Biological activity ramps up, or down. Either way, if recognition systems or timing is off, and other biochemical entities are not working properly, dysfunction results, such as cancer, heart disease, reduce immune surveillance, and others.

    Resonance is the key, it appears, behind all this malfunction. Now, That The Hell has Broken and is Escalating, and ambient electromagnetic fields reinforce the stress conditions of the biochemistry of the organism, and have been for years now, we can expect chaos out of that person or individuals who may not have ever had a societal problem. His lithium may go out of balance and he goes into bipolar depression, vascillating between exceedingly high (manic) and abject lows. It's coming....watch out. You can do something about this now. Follow the hot links in this document and get busy.

    On the other hand, When The Hell Breaks in full force, a lot of people are on lithium, the bipolar drug of choice. You don't want to be around them and not know it. Hence, beware of all persons you know nothing about, including family members. Also, the same applies as we go through the Galactic Plane. If you are one of these people on this medication, it may help diminish the electromagnetic waves coming with a "Radio–Free" Head Cyber Cap and a pendant from Q–Link. Reinforce the latter with a pendant composed of magnetite (lodestone).

    The lodestone is not "vitalism." We are not even hinting at some unknowable, mysterious life force of preliterate times by the shaman–healer and thought to exist in early 'modern' medicine. The lodestone does not deal with "'vital spirit' of life itself," nor is it viewed as a "life force." It is what Dr. Robert O. Becker, writing in Cross Currents, calls a modality of "high–energy transfer techniques. The lodestone," he writes, "exposes the portion of the body to which it is applied to a much higher magnetic field than normal, and it may therefore be classified as a high–energy transfer therapy."

    Acupuncture at one time was considered by allopathic medicine as a form of "voodoo medicine," but now has come mainstream. The U.S. News & World Report for its January 21, 2008, issue cover story, 'Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream.' They point out that "Top hospitals are now embracing such unconventional techniques as acupuncture, homeopathy, and energy healing. Do they really work? What patients need to know."

    Dr. Becker calls acupuncture an "energy–reinforcement technique," in which the needle serves as an antenna for DC current, depending on how it is used and what is applied to it, such as heat. This modality relieves pain in most subjects. However, we feel much depends on the patient, his state of overall health, and mindset.

    Allopathic medicine is that "relating to or being a system of medicine that aims to combat disease by using remedies (as drugs or surgery) which produce effects that are different from or incompatible with those of the disease being treated."

    The lodestone and Q–Link have helped reinforce biofields and protect their wearers from ambient EMFs. The pendants are worn around the neck at heart level. The Q–Link was assisted in its creation by scientists from Stanford University and the University of California, Irvine.

    There are four parts to the Q–Link Plus:

  • Tuner.
  • Amplifier.
  • Vibrating Cell.
  • Neck Chain or Cord.

    The company writes:

"The tuner tunes into your own natural bioenergy field. Then, the amplifying coil increases that energy so it extends from you about 18 inches in concentric circles. Then, the vibrating cell vibrates to reinforce that energy."

    The various electromagnetic fields fall within the various components (microwave towers, etc.) of the electromagnetic spectrum. At one time, various governments of the world thought these fields were harmless if they were low EMFs to very low EMFs. Since they were not ionizing radiation. As time passed, various companies jumped on the bandwagon and started pushing their products using the electromagnetic spectrum, such as high frequency waves, various bands of radio wave frequency, microwaves in different frequencies, such as cell phones with their tower's microwave ovens.

[EMFs Can Cook Your Brain]

    The industry seemed to burgeon overnight with more and more towers, high speed transmission lines, more step–up or step–down power transformers. As word began to leak out that cows did not give as much milk when grazing under such transmission lines, cancers associated in villages within houses that had microwave towers build right next to them, and other illness began to explode on the scene, the various companies developed their own research to demonstrate that low EMFs to very low EMFs are harmless.

    Any researcher who went against the grain or establishment and discovered counter data was branded as "bad" science, "voodoo" science and references to such nature as that. Those honest scientists that did not buckle under and continued with their studies, found grants pulled out from under them, such as Tesla, of the early 1900s, when he showed you could get free electricity from the air and cost would go down. Universities that employed such people of reknown found their grants removed in other disciplines—such was the power of connections with big industry.

    Still, the information leaked out from diligent and dogged Universities and scientist that dared to be undaunted and we now know there is definite danger from Low Frequencies, Low–Level EMFs, Very–Low Frequency (VLF) and Extremely–Low frequency EMFs.

    In some magnetic storms on the Earth generated by the solar wind carrying particles to the magnetic field of the planet, the magnetic storms occuring in the ionosphere...

"...can cause major disruptions in radio and TV signals, as well as increases in the voltage in telephone and electrical transmission lines that are sometimes powerful enough to cause equipment damage. Electromagnetic Fields—Levitt, Blake B.

    This being so, many scientists are somewhat concerned about the largest predicted solar storm in man's recorded history, coming in 2011.

    Levitt continues:

"Some studies have also correlated magnetic storms with an increase in admissions to psychiatric hospitals."

The Electromagnetic Spectrum and What Lies Within It:

All of The Various Low Waves Lie to The Right of The Radio

(Anything With Such Long Frequency Was Felt To Cause No Harm
Since It packed Less Energy and Was Not Ionizing Radiation.
We Now Know This Not To Be So)

"It Ain't What A Man Knows To Be So That Hurts Him....
It's What He Knows To Be So That Ain't So That Hurts Him
— Josh Billings (1818–1885)

    Click Here To UnderStand Something of The Electromagnetic Spectrum Wave Length

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Click "Back" When Finished

Some common things we need to watch out for
And Protect Against

(Explanation in Document):

EMF Hazards from Household/Office Appliances
By Amount of Milligauss (mG) Exposure
(EPA proposed safe level of EMF exposure is 1 mG)


4" Distance

36" Distance

Bedside Clock

1-30 mG

0.5-10 mG

Coffee Maker

6-29 mG

0-.01 mG


4-20 mG

2-5 mG

Flouorescent Lights

20-160 mG

.01-5 mG

Hair Dryer

6-700 mG

.01-6 mG

Microwave Oven

100-500 mG

1-25 mG


3-100 mG

.01-6 mG

21st Century Health Breakthroughs, Spring 2003, Vol. 2, No. 1,

Magnetic Storms

    Magnetic Storms are coming. In fact, they started January 4, 2008. The ARRL Letter (The American Radio Relay League letter of January 11, 2008, quoted NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that the new 11 year solar storm has now started. NOAA said:

"The sunspot is like the first robin of spring. In this case, it's an early omen of solar storms that will gradually increase over the next few years."

    NOAA, April 2007, speaking with other international solar experts called it correctly in saying the new 11–year cycle of solar storms "would start in March 2008, plus or minus six months, peak in late 2011 or mid–2012." Therefore,
  • Began January 4, 2004.

  • Peak 2011 or mid–2012, and because it's an 11–year cycle,

  • Go to 2019.

    What is now happening in the heavens is solar cycle 24. And it looks like it is going to be a humdinger. This is what NASA's solar physicist David Hathaway, of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, said, in conjunction with Robert Wilson, a colleague, at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, in December of 2007, about solar cycle 24 (the new solar storm):
"...Looks like it's going to be one of the most intense cycles since record–keeping began almost 400 years ago."

Magnetic Storms
Human Behavior

    The sun's activity is not in a state of activity all the time. It rises and falls or waxes and wanes. When it waxes, solar storms occur. These solar storms are also known as sun–spot activity. They are not the same as magnetic storms. The solar storms cause gigantic eruptions of the sun's energy on the sun's surface. This is known as solar flares. When these occur, there are marked increases in highly energetic particles such as protons, electrons and charged atomic nuclei as well as charged atoms and molecules. Also included in this are X–rays and radio waves. This all constitutes the solar wind. This "solar wind" moves out into space impinging on anything in its path, in our cases the earth's magnetic field. When the solar wind hits and compresses the earth's magnetic field, we have formed what is called the magnetosphere. This causes great magnetic–field disturbances on the planet earth.

The Earth's Magnetosphere

[The Earth's Magnetosphere]

The Earth's Magnetic Field/Magnetosphere

[The Earth's Magnetic Field/Magnetosphere]

    The solar wind is also a cause of the Van Allen Belts about and surrounding the earth but not enclosing the poles.

The Earth's Magnetic Field

[The Earth's Magnetic Field]

"The Earth's magnetic field is the result of convection currents in the liquid outer core, by a dynamo mechanism." — The Firefly Enclycopedia of Astronomy, Edited by Paul Murdin & Margaret Penston, Firefly Books Ltd, Copyright 2004. Page 131.

"The molten metallic core gives rise to the Earth's magnetic field and magnetosphere." — the Cambridge Dictionary of Astronomy by Jacqueline Mitten, Copyright 2001, Cambridge University Press. Page 126.

    But first, the solar storms cause the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole and the Aurora Australis at the South Pole. As the charged particles come into the magnetic field of the earth, some make their way to the poles where they escape the earth's magnetic field, and being with charge, strike the molecules of gases high in the atomsphere, generating the soft, luminous lights we see at both poles, waxing and waning and so forth. However, we are about to see sights probably not seen before in man's recorded history.

The Aurora Australis

[The Aurora Australis]

    As we move through the Galactic Plane, there will be strong gravitational waves and ripples. Also, as we pass near strong electromagnetic fields in space with its strong electric and magnetic strengths, and enormous electric currents, and other galactic objects pass near the earth's magnetic field, our field may become distorted such that the Northern Lights come farther south than ever recorded....maybe as far south as to the parallels of Kansas or even Florida. The Southern Lights may rise as far north as Mexico City and anything on those parallels. If this happens, know well we are definitely into the Galactic Plane, which we are now, and this is a sign. And readers of these UpDates know what all that means.

    When a magnetic storm occurs, our magnetic field fluctuates greatly and increases likewise in strength. Billions of watts of power are generated from the reaction of the highly charged solar wind and the earth's magnetic field. These extremely high currents given off from the magnetic field havings its lines of force crossed or "cut" by the solar wind's charged particles. This causes those currents generated to flow in telephone and transmission lines, bringing about their breakdown. The same occurs high in the atmosphere, the ionosphere, and cause major problems with radio, microwave, and television transmissions. This means your cell phone may not work.

    Placed in a diagramatic form, it looks like this:
  • Solar Storms/Magnetic Storms

    • Solar Storms generate Magnetic Storms on Earth.
    • This reaction causes high electric currents to flow in transmission power lines and telephone cables.
    • These extremely high currents can cause burnout or breakdown of electronic equipment. Recall the EMP UpDate.

  • Mental Problems:

    • From the Above, Solar Storms generate Magnetic storms and this causes:

    • Increases in Mental hospital admissions. The geomagnetic field is not just limited to mental patients.

    There are a number of problems definitely associated with electromagnetic fields:

    Not only are health problems associated with magnetic fields, but also with electric fields:

    The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook: How Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Are Making People sick, by Lucinda Grant writes:

Case 3:

"Person with a Master's degree developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) followed by electrical sensitivity, in 1981. Her MCS has diminished somewhat over time, but she develops movement disorder, then paralysis from some EMF exposures. She says it mimics some of cerebral palsy or Parkinson's disease symptoms. In addition, severe seizures occur upon exposure to generators, transformers, elevators and other higher EMF emitters. One attack has been documented in an EMF video (Banta, John. Current Switch: How to Reduce or Eliminate Electromagnetic Pollution in the Home and Office. You can get this video from Lessemf.com for $29.95 plus S&H. Toll free in USA: 1–888–537–7363. International: + 1–518–432–1550.)

"During filming, she walked up to a building — her neurologist's office — walked in, and when she got near the elevator, had a seizure. It took assistance from the video's producer to prevent her from bumping her head during the seizure and to get her out of the building, as she could not function then without help. She maintains that EMFs are biologically active and that we, as a society, must reduce EMF exposure to protect everyone's health.

"She has Social Security benefits due to her functional disabilities near EMF, chemical, and smoke exposures."


    Now that we are in The Galactic Plane, these and other type EMF dysfunctions will become more prevalent, such that it will be hard to deny that something is occurring.

    Recently, in a past issue or two, we warned to get out of California. Here's an update from Pat Buchanan's website that appeared in The Daily Reckoning, London, England, Thursday, January 17, 2008:

Subprime Nation
by Patrick J. Buchanan:

"California has already hit the wall. With an economy as large as a G-8 nation, the Golden State is looking at a $14 billion deficit in 2009 and a $3 billion shortfall in 2008. Gov. Schwarzenegger has called for slashing prison staff by 6,000, including 2,000 guards, early release of 22,000 inmates, closing four dozen state parks and a 10 percent across-the-board cut in all state agencies. The Democratic legislature is demanding tax hikes, which would drive more taxpayers back over the mountains whence their fathers came."

    From the way we see it, California will be one of those cities that goes "Face Down" soon.

    The Hell Is Now Breaking...it will only get worse...especially for those who have not prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually for this. It will be harsh on all of us. But there are those who become morose, depressed, and mad as hell. They will become aggressive—and it will become displaced. It will become Displaced Aggression, with dire results to you if you are not aware of it.

    James Howard Kunstler, writing for The Daily Reckoning, Tuesday, January 22, 2008, says similar:
"Prepare psychologically for a sociopolitical climate of anger, grievance, and resentment. A lot of individual citizens will find themselves short of resources in the years ahead. They will be very ticked off and seek to scapegoat and punish others. The United States is one of the few nations on earth that did not undergo a sociopolitical convulsion in the past hundred years. But despite what we tell ourselves about our specialness, we're not immune to the forces that have driven other societies to extremes. The rise of the Nazis, the Soviet terror, the 'cultural revolution,' the holocausts and genocides — these are all things that can happen to any people driven to desperation." (WebMaster's Emphasis)

    James Kunstler's latest book is The Long Emergency.

    Gerald Celente is The Trends Journal® publisher and director of the Trends Research Institute® . His Winter Issue, 2008, says:

"When the giant firms fall, they'll crush the man on the street," he writes referencing the collapse of the stock market. He contends this is not just because of the subprime fiasco, but includes the excessive, excited investment of bankers to leverage everything they can see.

"Just as the Twin Towers collapsed from the top down, so too will the US economy from an Economic 9/11. When the high–stakes speculators, banks brokerages, and buyout firms that leveraged billions with millions get hit ... everything underneath them will turn to rubble.

"Jobless, broke and no where to go, 'Self Storage' will soon live up to the meaning of its name. Down and out, thrown onto the streets ... homeless Americans will empty out storage lockers of useless junk ... to store themselves. When Panic strikes, it will only be a matter of time and a question of survival before they move in. Whether on their own or with family in tow, living in concrete and steel 4x8s will be a step up from sleeping in the streets or risking a night at a homeless shelter."

    The Time Shock most Americans will experience soon will make them question: Where am I? What Country is this? What Century is this? as they see their world figuratively turn upside down...but wait...what are we writing ... it may just literally–not figuratively–do that in the not too distant future.


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The Long Emergency, Kunstler, James Howard. Atlantic Monthly Press, N.Y., 2005.

The Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse, by Makoff, Greg and Kosta Tsipis. Report #19. Program in Science and Technology for International Security, Cambridge, MA, March 1988.

The Tunguska Fireball: Solving One of the Great Mysteries of the 20th Century, Surendar Verma.

The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk and The Cover–Up, Brodeur, Paul. Norton, 1977.

Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health: How To Protect Yourself From EMFs and Why You Should, Sugarman, Ellen. Morris Publishing, 1992.

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress – Related Diseases, and Coping, Sapolsky, Robert M., Third Edition. Owl Books, 2004.

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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