Rock Music and The Coming Earth Changes...?

"You gotta be kidding! What's wrong with rock music?" This question is asked often enough and now you need some basic answers. But first, recall the secret messages given by the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of Prophets, at LaSalette, France in 1846; in France again at Lourdes (1858]; and at Fątima, Portugal in 1917.

The basic theme of the public and private messages were prayer, penance, and sacrifice and return to Her Son, or Satan and his demons will be given more and more control over humanity.

These things and numerous others will bring on The Chastisement, we are warned, if mankind does not follow the proscriptions and prescriptions for peace and salvation.

"Rock has always been the devil's music. You can't convince me that it isn't," said David Bowie in 1976. He founded "Glitter Rock" in 1972, and his hit record, "Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders from Mars," gave this music a leader at this time.

  • Drugs, Sex, Obscenities, Occult Symbols, and Signs

  • Drugs, sex, obscenities, and Satanic symbols and rituals are a part of rock music. John Lennon of The Beatles said:

    '"Help' was made on Pot. 'A Hard Day's Night,' I was on pills. That's drugs, that's bigger drugs than Pot. I've been on pills since I was 15, no, since I was 17 or 19... Since I became a musician... I've always needed a drug to survive....

    Mick Jagger, head singer of Rolling Stones says rock music is all about sex.

    "Rock Music is sex, and you have to hit them in the face with it..."

    Many rock bands drink blood along with taking drugs to "let the demons come through," so they'll be given greater insights to hypnotize the public with their music.

    Directly or indirectly, pacts were made with the devil, or his demons to become successful. All rock stars show evidence of this and many do so directly.

    Blood drinking on stage was done by W.A.S.P (We Are Sexual Perverts), especially by founder Blackie Lawless. His claim is that blood drinking is the bond that holds the band together. The Bible warns against blood drinking. They also use the "Il Cornuto" sign. Most bands now do, too. Ozzy Osburn also drank blood. W.A.S.P was the first to use the pentagram.

    All bands, in some way or another, use devil symbols, signs, rituals, sex, and drugs to enhance their music. Satanists say, "These symbols open the doorways for Lucifer and his minions to come in and possess." But that's not all.

  • The SS Symbol

  • The sensational rock group, KISS, uses the two Ss drawn as lightning bolts, as not only their logo, but also part of their Satanic symbol. Where did they come up with such an idea?

    During the great Second World War, Germany's Gestapo chief Heinrick Himmler, according to the book, Time-Life World War II--The Nazis, had a fascination with the occult. In the archeological excavations under Himmler's auspicies, Europe served as his whole research area for clues of ancient superiority of the Aryan "super-race."

    In Bavaria, Runes inscriptions , the ancient Germanic alphabet acclaimed for its mystical powers, was sought out and traced to the Teutonic tribesmen of that time.

    One of the things that was unearthed about the runic alphabet was the "S" lightning bolt--an S elongated into the shape of a lightning bolt thrown from heaven. Himmler took this and made it a special sign for the insignia for the Gestapo, using a double S, thus forming the dreaded SS, or Schutzstaffel.

  • The "Il Cornuto" Sign

  • The Il Cornuto is a devil sign. Motley Crue says it only means "Long Live Rock & Roll." Well, that's not quite right folks... The "Il Cornuto" is a devil sign first used in Sicily to cast spells and stop the "Evil Eye" cold.

    In "The Satan-Seller," (1972) Mike Warnke, a high priest in "The Brotherhood," a satanic organization, writes there are various guarded rituals of gaining entrance to the coven meetings. One of them is using the Il Cornuto sign as a particular handshake.

    Also, at the meetings, there are ritual sacrifices of human flesh to Satan and methods of calling up demons. Additionally, the pentagram is drawn on a nude woman's stomach as she lies on the altar. The Black Mass Service is ended with the Chief Priest or even Lucifer coming forth and having painful sex with the coven priestess.

    Then, the whole affair turns into an orgy of men with men; women with women, men with women, and drugs flowing freely. More often than not, rock music is played. Why? Because the lyrics themselves call up demons when they are backmasked. As we degenerate more into evil; give ourselves and our children over to these things, we can hear Christ saying, "...As it was in the days of Noah....."

    The Chastisement is inevitable. It is long overdue.

    The first band to use backmasking and the Il Cornuto sign was the Beatles!

  • BackMasking

  • Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven," was baskmasked. Backmasking is the process of electronically putting subliminal messages on tapes, records, or CD-ROMs. If it is not done electronically, as was proven in several cases, then who did it? Satanists have said they were ordered by Lucifer himself to appear at a recording session in their spirit-bodies or in the physical and sing their enchantments along with the band members as they were recording.

    However, the great majority of bands intentionally do this electronically with their recording crew. Yet, many just call on their demons that are possessing them and the demons do this themselves. Some rock singers have even said, when the backmask was exposed, that was a demon speaking, not them, or a precorded message electronically introduced into the music. It was not played while they were making the record. The demons knew what channel to put the gutteral sound on.

    Nevertheless, regardless of how it got there, a prerecorded message by the band; demons, or the digital electronic crew, was on the records, and this was known for a long time to be so. It was exposed on April 28, 1982 by Dan Rather of the CBS Evening News.

    When he had his network crew play the music backwords, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" said the following:

    "I sing because I live with Satan. The Lord turns me off. There's no escaping it. Here's to my sweet Satan. Whose power is Satan. He will give you 666. I live for Satan."

    James Yarroll, ,the famous brain researcher, gave the following testimony to the California legislature; that our human brains are capable of receiving, scanning, decifering, storing and later reacting on these subliminal or subconscious messages at a later date. We are also preprogramed this way. From the subconscious sector in the human brain, the messages are transported to the conscious sector of the brain.

    Robert Plant, lead singer of the Led Zeppelin group, said he did not know how that message got on there, nor did his electronic crew. The chilling explanation that remains is that fallen angels, or demons, sung a duet with this lead singer on "Stairway To Heaven!"

    Dan Rather, in that same newscast, said that many rock and rollers of the record world are known satanists and are spreading subliminal messages to their audiences. CBS played backards hits from E.L.O., and Styx, too.

    "Eldorado" from E.L.O. played backward says, "He is the nasty one. Christ, you're infernal." Another subliminal message tells us to: "Start to smoke marijuana, start to smoke marijuna."

    Styx says backwards: "Oh Satan, move in our voices." Styx is the name of the underground river in Greek mythology, leading to Hades.

  • Music Still Here

  • Many of these bands are long gone, their members killed from drugs, murder, or suicide in one form or another. Yet, their music lives on and their subliminal message is still being played to new ears with devilish results. One church group, when they heard Dan Rather broadcast, held a burning of all rock and roll records. About thirty teenagers became believers; especially when they played many of their favorite rock records backwards. They got bizzare messages, like "Commit Suicide...commit suicide..."

  • How To Discover Backmastering

  • Anyone wanting to check his records for hidden messages can easily get a record player like the kind that radio stations use. The turntable turns forward or reverse; or, you can get a double tape deck to hear your tapes for backmasking.

  • John Lennon's Murder

  • The Beatles were the first to use backmasking as well as the Il Cornuto sign. It was from the Beatles "White Album" that Charles Manson of the Sharon Tate murders, said that he heard "secret voices" on that record that told him--ordered him--to do the killings on August 9, 1969!

    On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman, in a psychiatric interview, after murdering John Lennon in front of the plush Dakota Apartments, when apprehended, gave this chilling interview:

    "He [David Chapman] tells me he can feel the presence of Satan's demons around him... 'I can feel their thoughts. I hear their thoughts. I can hear them talking, but not from the outside, from the inside."'

    "... He tells me that it was Satan's demons that gave him the strength and the opportunity for the present offense...."

    Before John Lennon was murdered, and after the Beatles break-up, he was still using reverse music methods. "Double Fantasy," the last record he ever made, recorded that he was going to be murdered. Yoko Ono sang the piece, "Kiss Kiss Kiss." When played in reverse, you hear a ghostly voice sing, "Satan is Coming....six six six...." and finally the chilling lyrics, "We Shot John Lennon!"

    John Lennon died December 8, 1980. This was a prophetic so-called musical piece. It was in the music stores before Lennon was SHOT! No one had a chance to change a thing, according to Yoko Ono. The demons that foretold of Lennon's death knew in advance what they were going to do. It was already on the record. Later, Lennon was shot as predicted. All this lends credence to Mark Chapman's story that he was ordered by Lucifer's demons to kill John Lennon.

    For some reason, Lennon was no longer useful to the demons. John Lennon was into witchcraft, and his wife, too. They consulted mediums, sorcerers, and the like with their familiar spirits. The Bible clearly warns us to stay clear of these machinations.

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