The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of the Coming Earth Changes

Are the psychics who talk about the coming earth changes really seeing something? Is God going to punish mankind for its sin as He promised in the Bible?

This book discusses all this and more:

The book also tells you in-depth what's coming, how to survive it and more importantly, how to survive the Three Days' Darkness.

Many People don't realize the Catholic Church produced some of the most powerful "psychics" in history. Many of these psychics were among the Church's greatest saints. In addition to their other gifts, God and Christ's Holy Mother gave them in-depth perceptions of coming events.

However, these mighty prophecies have often been ignored because they were confusing and hard to follow. God often condenses centuries of time into a few lines of prophecy. And in these modern times, many people prefer to dwell on God's love and ignore the fact of His justice.

Authors Charles S. Brocato and Kathryn E. King have researched this prophecy, and have learned the language of prophecy so they could present coming events in a readable, easy-to-understand, logical format.

"The proof of private revelations often comes, not so much from ecclesiastical approval as it does come from events taking place as predicted."

[Front Cover] The Two-Fold Chastisement:Visions of The Coming Earth Changes [Back Cover]

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