Using Lethal Force ( Deadly )

  • Using Lethal Force (Deadly Force)
    • When do you use Lethal Force or Deadly Force (death or serious bodily injury) or When To Shoot? The conditions that follow are usually ascertained in the blink of an eye. Then you may proceed to incapacitate the threat.

      • The assailant is trying to kill you (or another); or do you serious bodily harm as in the following:
        • Broken bones
        • Maxillofacial surgery
        • Reconstructive dental work
        • General surgery for knife and gunshot wounds
        • Maim you
        • etc...

        From this, you are in a state of fear that you may lose your life or the life of a third-party innocent.

        Incidently, rape is considered "serious injury," such that deadly force is allowed. The rape victims I have counselled "...felt that I was about to be killed."

        You may use deadly force only in defense of a human life or property (Texas). You are responsible, regardless of the circumstances, for where you bullet finally comes to rest!

      • The attacker is physically capable of causing you or another grave bodily injury or death.

      • You could not stop him without neutralizing or downing him.

    • When Deadly Force has been used, the amount of force you can use is based on our perceptionof the event taking place that provokes the force. Here are some questions you'll need to answer if you ever have to use deadly force.

      • What offense was being committed?
      • What was happening?
      • What was the other person's body-language saying?
      • How was he dressed?
      • What was his perceived State of Mind?
      • What information was known about the attqacker? (Did you know he just got out of prison for knifing somebody?)
      • Were there any alternatives available?
      • Did he have any weapons?
      • Location--where was he?
      • Did you have to protectothers?
      • Did he exhibit any special skills? (i.e., karate)
      • Number of attackers?
      • Size of the attacker or attackers.

    • When the agression ceases, the use of Lethal Force must stop.

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