Woman In WheelChair Shoots

Woman in wheelchair on way to gun practice shoots mugger

    As I read this article about some scumbucket trying to steal the jewelry from a woman in a wheelchair and that she shot him - I thought - hmmmmmm I hope she hit him in his family JEWELS so that he thinks of his ill gotten efforts many times, every day - the rest of his life.

    I am glad she was on her way to the gun range - we all need more practice to deal with those who think they have some *RIGHT* to take what is ours. Being armed and being ready to fire does make a far more polite society. These scumbuckets would think a few times if they weren't sure who is armed and ready to break their jewels.

Every woman should enroll in a gun class - get a gun - learn how to use it - and, become a sharpshooter!!! Do not become a victim -

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This came to Chembio from Jackie Juntti.

Woman in wheelchair on way to gun practice shoots mugger

POSTED: 1:59 p.m. EDT, September 9, 2006


    Margaret Johnson might have looked like an easy target.

    But when a mugger tried to grab a chain off her neck Friday, the 56-year-old Johnson, while riding in her wheelchair, pulled out her licensed .357 pistol and shot him, police said.

    Johnson said she was in Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood on her way to a shooting range when the man, identified by police as 45-year-old Deron Johnson, came up from behind and went for the chain.

    "There's not much to it," she said in a brief interview. "Somebody tried to mug me, and I shot him."

    Deron Johnson was taken to Harlem Hospital with a single bullet wound in the elbow, police said. He faces a robbery charge, said Lt. John Grimpel, a police spokesman.

    Margaret Johnson, who lives in Harlem, has a permit for the weapon and does not face charges, Grimpel said. She also was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and later released.

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