Breast Cancer ... and

What You Can Do About It.

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario in London discovered, while using various juices to hide the taste of a test substance given to patients along with their drugs as part of a cancer trial, that there was a synergistic or more effective action of the drug to breast cancer when it was given with Grapefruit Juice. From here, researchers launched studies of other fruits to find out why, and this is what they discovered.

  • Human breast cancer cells in test tubes that were estrogen-insensitive; that is, the cells did not need estrogen to cock and prime them into maligency, respond well to a flavonoid found in[Grape.gif] grape juice, naringenin. Naringenin proved almost 8 times more potent at halting breast cancer cells's growth than another flavonoid, genestein from soy beans. You can now get the extract of the grape in capsule form. Ask for Resveratrol at your favorite health food store.

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  • Human breast cancer cells in test tubes that were estrogen-dependent showed greater response to genestein (soy source) than they did to naringenin (grape source). Genestein is an estrogenlike flavonoid in soy that shows great promise as a natural anticancer agent.

  • However, if you have breast cancer and dont't know what kind of cells you have, then you can take this soy flavonoid in a compound known commercially as Iso-flavones and eat plenty of grapes, too. But, the researchers have also discovered that the best performers against both types of cells were tangeretin and nobiletin , a pair of flavonoids from Tangerines.

    Each was about 250 times more potent than genestein in estrogen-insensitive cells and five to nine times more potent in estrogen-dependent cancer cells.

    Currently, you can only get genestein in supplement form (soy isoflavones). The rest, you have to eat. But soon, we expect they will be in tablets or capsules. Taking the supplement is more convenient, and definitely has less calories and no sugar as opposed to eating the fruit or drinking its juice. The supplemental form will be a boon to diabetics who must watch calorie, carbohydrate, and sugar intake.

    Incidently, these flavones and carotenoids also appear to increase the efficacy of tamoxifen,, the leading drug for halting breast cancer recurrence. On-going tests are still being made before any definitive conclusion is made, but, it is advisible to follow the preliminary results by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, or take these substances in supplements, where available.

    Some are not out in supplements yet (see previous article on Prostate Cancer for those that are) so for tangerines, you have to try to get them out of season as well as in season.

    These food stuffs will get more scarce as the earth changes increase in intensity (see our corresponding Web Site: The Two-Fold Chastisement...). There will be scarcities and higher prices. Start now on a good antioxidant and flavones program, and if you have problems with eating more fruits and vegetables, then definitely go for the supplements.

    But remember, you have to eat plenty of these foods on a very regular basis, something that Americans have trouble with because of Choice, Ethnic Background, and Food Intolerances.

    Substances To Prevent Breast Cancer

    Melatonin, 6 - 10 mg nightly:

    When taking hormones, such as Premarin, it is important to take Melatonin, the pineal hormone.  Most people take melatonin for sleep disturbances.  However, it this is one of the few free radical scavengers that perfuses every tissue in your body.  It does the following:

    • Blocks estrogen receptors on the cells of the breast; thus, keeping them from growing in response to the estrogenic stimulation as well as other influences that stimulate growth of tumors.
    • Protects against free radicals.
    • Protects against gainst non-estrogen dependent cellular changes leading to breast cancer.
    • Protects the breast from damage caused by cortisol.

    Other Things Melatonin does:

    1. Blocks DNA single- and double strand breaks due to magnetic field exposure.  Researchers have commented that it may prevent a range of neurological and cancer diseases.  It will be advantageous to be under the influence of melatonin when, in April, the heavy electromagnetic fields began hitting the earth from the Sun spots biggest explosion then.

      Journal of Pineal Research, 1997, Vol 22, Iss 3, pp 152-162, H Lai, NP Singh.

    2. The spasm of the coronary arteries can result in heart attack or ischemia. It can also lead to a stroke cause in the brain by a spasm in the cerebral arteries. It can also stop spasms to the umbilitical artery.


    3. It can relieve in various patients, acute migraine headaches, when administered as an IV at night that produces blood levels slightly above those normally produced by the body.

      Cephalalgia, 1997, Vol 17, Iss 4, pp 511-517, B Claustrat, J brun, M Geoffriau, R Zaidan, C mallo, G Chazot.

    4. Can protect against damage to the brain by ischemia (little or no blood flow) and/or by a free radical generated by the enzyme, Kainate.

      Brain Research, 1997, Vol 755, Iss 2, pp 335-338, S Cho, TH Joh, HW Baik, C Dibinis, BT Volpe..

    Also Take the Following:

    Coenzyme Q-10, 500 mg every day.:

    Mixed Vitamin E Capsules (containing at least 100 I.U Gamma Tocopherol) every day.

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