Fish Oil:

Breast Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, and Heart Attack Reduction

It is well known in nutritional circles and among some medical doctors that fish oil:

  • Reduces breast cancer incidence.
  • Reduces autoimmune disease.
  • Reduces heart attack.

However, the problem here is that though fish oil does these wonderful things, it also increases the LDL Cholesterol, which is bad for your circulatory health. It has been shown though, by taking garlic, the fish oils efficacy is redeemed. And the best way to do this is through supplements.

Yet, some still feel the blood lipids are still 15% higher than it should be, and should be coupled with drug therapies.

Still others say the 15% figure can be reduced to acceptable levels by including in the supplements insoluble fiber, such as tofu, oat bran, and the like.

And still others say the fish oil combo can be as costly as prescription medication. Yet, the advocates of the supplement modality point out, there are no side effects as with drug therapy, which is a big plus in the supplement circle.

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