Beta Blockers
( It's Still Coming...)


    Sir: I was a male with an ectomorphic shape. All my life my body was lean and muscular. But now that I am in my late forties, I started looking more endomorphic. I have no heart problems, normal cholesterol, not diabetic, but I did for some reason develop arrhythmia. My heart would be beating normally and then go into irregular beats; mostly tachycardia--rapid heart beat. My weight problem seen to have started--but my doctor says it's all in my head--when I started beta blockers. Is there anything to this?

        -----All in his head, Memphis, Tenn


Beta Blockers were first used in Europe with great Success. They saved many lives...but :

Beta Blockers were touted in Europe and given credit for saving lives before they were allowed for use by physicians in the U.S.

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. says, in his book Why Animals Don't get Heart Attacks...But People Do! that
"...beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, calcium blockers, cholesterol-lowering drugs and many others---merely cover symptoms; they do not target the cellular root cause of the disease." (p. 20.)
Dr. Rath continues on page 134, that beta blockers have as one of its side effects "an increased risk for new arrhythmias!" These are irregular heart beats.

Beta Blockers

First, let us talk about what comprises HDL. This is generally known by the lay person as the "good" cholesterol. Actually, there are subfractions that make up HDL. HDL2 is the "largest and lightest (most buoyant) of the two subclasses and the most protective (i.e., the 'best' cholesterol...HDL2"--Lipids: Classifications And Understandings by Jere Segrest, M.D., Phd.

Dr. Jere Segrest is the director of Atherosclerosis Research Unit at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He developed the VAPTM test used by Atherotech.

On page 11 of Lipids: Classifications And Understandings, the manual points out that beta-blockers decrease HDL2. But, HDL is what all physicians are telling patients to get higher and then, often prescribe a beta blocker for other reasons.


If you take beta blockers, I would suggest, with your physician's permission, you take 1500 mg of niacin. It is most effective in elevating HDL2. The drawback for most is the temporary flushing it causes. There may be a tingling as if you have a sun rash, but it only lasts for about 15 minutes. I have seen it last longer. The no-flush and time-released formulas do not give the same results. Get the old fashioned flush.

After several weeks, you may hardly flush at all. I recommend 500 mg morning with breakfast, then two prior to bedtime. Ingesting a low-dose aspirin often keeps down the flush. However, I like the flush! It tells me it is working and I can really think better and exercise more during the flush than when it is not flushing. The niacin also provides the NAD+ for the redox reaction in the mitochondria of each cell of the body. In other words, it moves the electrons for necessary energy to drive the metabolic machinery with other enzymes present for the electron transport chain.

Writing in Exercise Physiology, Fourth Edition, McArdle, Katch & Katch say,
"Energy is extracted from food in a series of small steps involving the transfer of electrons from donor to acceptor molecules.

"The electrons (energy) from hydrogen are picked up in pairs by the coenzyme part of the dehydrogenase, usually the vitamin B (niacin)-containing coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+." (Pages 103-104)

Other Things
Niacin Does

  • Niacin lowers lipoprotein (a) cholesterol, the "heart attack" cholesterol. Because myocardial infarction is highly associated with LP (a), it has this appellation.
  • Niacin is extremely effective in converting the dense class B LDL to the less dense or class A LDL.
  • But, Beta blockers increase dense LDL.
  • Niacin and statins lower intermediate density lipoprotein (IDL), and do so effectively in combination.

Beta Blockers
And Weight Gain
Is There a Connection?

Consider the following first: In the body there are beta blockers throughout the various cells that comprise the human organism. The beta blockers in the heart block adrenalin and other bio-chemicals that stimulate the beta receptors sites therein. This causes a slowing of the heart action and thus, blood pressure drops.

Now, consider the following in the light of the above. The adipose (fat) cells of the body also have beta receptors. These receptors receive signals from adrenalin, glucagon, and norepinephrine (nor-adrenaline) that cause them to effect hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) which hydrolysis triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids (FFA).

The glycerol goes to the liver to be converted into glycogen, and this, as needed, into glucose. The FFA are emptied from the fat cells into the circulation and goes to the tissues that use fatty acids for energy, such as muscle. should now be getting a bad feeling about all this. The same beta blockers that slow down your heart and lower your blood pressure and aid your heart also block the fat cells from releasing your fat. You also have on the adipose cells alpha receptors which give signals to the fat cell to store fat. Don't turn it loose!

Therefore, unless you exercise regularly, watch your diet for excess calories, you will gain weight. Some more than others, depending upon the efficiency of one's metabolism.

With this high estrogenic environment we now live in; the high insulin resistance we now see in humans, weight gain is going to increase because estrogen promotes fat storage, and the insulin that is piling up in individuals is antagonizing norepinephrine, adrenaline, and glucagon, that would promote lypolysis and possible weight loss of fatty tissues, presenting a more "slimming down" in appearance. With this being blocked, there will be an increase in mass to the body that is not lean mass.

I have had patients in my nutritional practice, who have never been fat in their lives, start putting on weight when started on beta blockers.

I recommend for them to have a
  • Fasting glucose,
  • Insulin fasting, and
  • Hemoglobin A1c

blood tests along with others to ascertain what their chemistry is doing and as a base-line future reference. If the insulin fasting test is elevated, they definitely need to exercise and reduce starchy food intake. Often, this is enough to bring down the weight and stay on the beta blocker provided they overcome its effect on blocking lypolysis via vigorous exercise.

World Class Shooters
Body Builder/Power Lifters :

  • World Class Shooters:

    A number of top marksman take a beta blocker because it slows down the heart enough to smooth out the "arc of movement" generated by breathing and the beating of the heart. They are shooting over great distances and have noticeed that a beta blocker helps them shoot better by reducing the ever-so-slight movement generated by the heart when sitting still and concentrating on the downrange target.

    Incidently, many are in good health and take the beta blocker only when in contests and practice.

  • Power-Lifters and Body-Builders:

    A number of these athletes have read the research material that the blood pressure can go to 400 over 360 during exceptionally heavy lifts when training and thus take beta blockers to slow the heart and reduce the blood pressure during their heavy lifting days.

    In fact, some lifters have actually blown an eye out of its socket; others have internal hemmorages in the eye because the eye pressure sky-rockets when very heavy weights are hoisted. This is due to holding the breath at the maximum exertion of the weight maneuver.

Different Take

Because the editors feel the following things are so imminent, we present the following essay, which espouses a different viewpoint on preparation for the coming collapse. This author believes, not in hunkering down, but in preparing to travel on foot to a place where you can grow food and live with others of like mind. Read on:

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Reference: Cornell Law School]

From The Daily Reckoning
Wednesday, January 10, 2007; 12:29 PM


    Of all the "investments" one might make at this time, one of the best may be to be prepared for a breakdown of the economy as we know it. This is not necessarily a prediction - any more than having fire or flood insurance is a prediction that you will have a fire or flood. Nevertheless, it is based on an observation that there are many factors that may render the relatively near future quite a bit different than the recent past. This may seem kooky to some, but at least I am kooky in good company. I note the billionaire master investor, Richard Rainwater, has gone public with his own "preparing for major change" plans, and if you begin to pay attention you will find that many wealthy individuals have been making similar preparations for themselves. Is there something they know that you aren't hearing about on the evening news?

        What I am talking about could be summed up as: the lights go out and don't come back on again. Foreign oil shipments stop, or are blocked. Maybe freight shipments of goods from China and elsewhere become impossible. Maybe food is no longer delivered to the supermarket. In short, an economic breakdown something like what happened to the Soviet Union, but possibly on a worldwide scale. In such case, there will be no rescue because there will be nobody to do the rescuing.

    There is a surprisingly long list of factors that may lead to such an outcome. The gradual and irreversible decline of world oil production, beginning approximately now, is one that has been getting the most attention. I would also note the much more dramatic potential collapse of North American natural gas production, which is imminent since the continent's natural gas production verifiably peaked in 2001. Major ice deposits such as the Antarctic ice shelf or the glaciers of Greenland have been melting at an accelerated pace, with some geologist and geophysics types now whispering that their collapse could take place within a couple decades, raising sea levels by tens, if not hundreds of feet. Given that most of the metropolises of the world are less than a hundred feet above sea level, we can imagine the effects of all of these going underwater simultaneously. Fisheries production is near collapse, and grain production has been falling for several years now. Grain production is now well below consumption, and formerly large world grain stockpiles have been run down to multi-decade lows on a days-use basis.

    This is just a short list, which does not address the verifiable and dramatic increase in geophysical activity worldwide, notably earthquakes and volcanic activity, or increasingly bizarre weather. Seattle was just hit by a hurricane - in December. It was called a "windstorm" in the news, and downplayed, since we all know Seattle doesn't have hurricanes, but when you have a cyclonic storm hundreds of miles wide with hurricane-force winds in excess of 100mph - what is it if not a hurricane? Disappointed skiers in North America (where the temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, again) might try getting on the plane to Israel, which recently got snowfall. A New Madrid fault quake would cut every connection - bridge, gas line, electric line, etc. - across the Mississippi, and potentially reroute the river itself into the Atchafalaya drainage, where it would have naturally gone years ago if not for a lot of levee work. This would bring to an end the entirety of Mississippi-based shipping. Even this doesn't get at all the things that have been going on, and the more perceptive have probably noticed that the moon and stars have been misaligned for a number of years now, or that anomalous weather has not just been an Earth phenomenon, but a phenomenon of other planets in the solar system as well.

    Living doesn't really take anything more than keeping warm and dry - you don't even need to be dry if you are warm - and maintaining a stable caloric and nutritional intake. Nevertheless, a great many people, when faced with the idea of "preparation," conclude that they should try to maintain life as it exists today. (Toilet paper seems to have become a sort of totem for modern industrialized life.) This is vastly complex and difficult. They purchase high-capacity electric generators and may store several years' worth of food and petroleum products. Let's think about the food to begin with. If everyone is starving (as would quickly occur if shipments from food-growing areas ceased), then you will a) share your food with the hungry, in which case your supplies will quickly run out, or b) you will attempt to keep others from making use of your supplies, in which case you will man the machine gun posts until you are eventually overrun by those who become aware that you have the supplies they need. Many wealthy people have taken the well-stocked bunker approach, but it is expected that this will not be successful, as they will become natural targets due to their large stockpiles, perhaps falling victim to the very mercenaries they hired to protect them from the hungry hordes.

Thus, in the interests of suggesting something that might work better than the rich guy's strategy, and also something that a person of any means could undertake, I propose a much simpler, lighter, and more flexible approach. The ultimate goal should be to be able to produce food, and this means seeds, animal husbandry, gathering, hunting and fishing. As far as shelter is concerned, the goal should be basic foul-weather clothing and a knowledge of simple shelter design. Since mobility will be key -- many places where people now live will not be habitable -- and there will ultimately be little means of mobility except for walking, we should be able to carry our lifestyle upon our backs. Thus, let us consider preparations which, in total, weigh less than thirty pounds, and cost less than $1000.

  • A basic backpack. It's hard to carry stuff in your hands. Maybe something by Lowe Alpine, which is well designed and not very expensive. Shoot for 40-90 liters.
  • Good footwear. Running shoes are fine, although there are more durable alternatives. Plus at least two pairs of good quality athletic socks. Clothing can be begged/borrowed/improvised, but good shoes can be hard to come by.
  • Clothing for all kinds of weather. Modern outdoor clothing is amazingly good. The basic "outfit" consists of "midweight" long underwear tops and bottoms and a polyester "pile" jacket. Maybe two pile jackets for a bit more warmth, an extra pair of midweight or fleece bottoms, and a hat and gloves. All of this might weigh 5 lbs.
  • Some sort of outerwear/raingear. Among the most versatile is the basic military poncho, which you can buy for about $20. You can bet this has been used in every conceivable situation, and works as both outerwear and as a rudimentary shelter. It's also good camouflage, which may be useful.

    With that alone, you can get from point A to point B by foot in all sorts of conditions. A person, even a relatively out-of-shape one, can easily walk 15 or 20 miles a day on paved roads. Thus, in ten days' time, you could go 150-200 miles. Don't be afraid to walk out of wherever you may be.

    A simple blue poly tarp, the sort you can buy in a hardware store, makes a fine shelter. However, you can also make all sorts of simple structures from branches and other such natural material. I would recommend the Tom Brown books for instructions to build anything for a night to multi-year residence, from basic forest materials. You can make your own cordage from natural materials, but it would save quite a bit of time and effort to bring a roll of sisal twine and some nylon rope. I would also suggest a "space blanket" or two, which can be used as a fire reflector, cape, or rudimentary blanket. The books by John and Geri McPherson are also good.

    Learning how to make fire with a bow drill is worthwhile, but for the shorter term it is easy enough to stock up on butane lighters, Esbit fuel bars, magnesium lighters, and so forth, all of which might weigh perhaps a pound.

    A good knife is indispensable, and indeed a couple good knives might be the right way to go. Something good for hacking like a machete or hatchet, and a smaller knife for filleting fish and butchering game, or small-scale carving perhaps. Plus a sharpening stone. If you had to have just one tool, a Chinese-style cleaver would be good for everything from chopping small trees to mincing garlic.

    The best way to hunt animals is not with a gun or even a bow and arrow, but with snares and traps. Indeed, this method is so effective that it is illegal in most places, which is why nobody does it. A wide selection of snares and traps, of good-quality steel cable, might weigh another five pounds. Shop at Buckshot's Camp (

    Likewise, fishing with a rod and reel is fine, but a gillnet may be better. That's why net fishing is also illegal in most places. Pack a broad selection of hooks and line (tough to make yourself, but you can make a pole out of anything), and a couple gillnets, which can also be used to net birds.

    A selection of a hundred varieties of fruit and vegetable seeds is remarkably lightweight - about three pounds. Be sure to get "heirloom" non-hybridized seeds.

WebMaster's Note: See:

Geri Guidetti, of The Ark Institute ( ¦ Johnny's Selected Seeds ¦
Seeds of Change
¦ Bountiful Gardens

    A light sleeping bag and foam sleeping pad could be very welcome. For a very light sleeping bag, you can buy some reflective "space blanket" survival sleeping sacks, which weigh about 9 oz and cost maybe $20. They also have the advantage of being waterproof. These can be made warmer simply by piling leaves on top. (

    A little plastic trowel is handy for all sorts of digging projects, from latrines to post holes to drainage ditches. With a folding military-type shovel you can make entire underground shelters.

    Thus, we've covered seeds, hunting and fishing. Gathering you can learn from a book, and again the Tom Brown books are a good one-volume reference. Animal husbandry is a bit tougher since you're not going to be hitting the road with a breeding pair of goats or a box of live chicks. However, it might be worth learning about this anyway. You can even raise wild animals, such as ducks, and there could be feral chickens and hogs about. A hurricane in Hawaii in 1992 freed a population of chickens from their cages, and they have been happily breeding in the wild ever since.

    A good week's worth of no-cooking food should also go in the pack. Consider nuts, peanut butter and jelly, cheese, hard sausage, chocolate, etc. A water bottle - a 2 liter plastic soda bottle is fine - a cooking pot (two to four liters aluminum, with a lid), a frying pan, and so forth.

    At home, you might keep a few months' worth of food. Secure a good supply of water and, if climate demands, a reliable heat source.

    The image of preparedness also includes a chunk of good farmland, I suppose, but this is not really necessary. In the event of such turmoil, upon migrating to farm country one would find either small survival communities willing to take new members (strength in numbers) or land whose previous owners will never show up to claim possession.

    Lastly, and by far the most important, is a good attitude. If (heh heh) such a thing were to occur, consider it a grand adventure rather than a "disaster" - a child would, for they don't know that they were "supposed" to go to school rather than having a walkabout in the countryside. The ultimate goal is to gather in cooperative groups of good-hearted people, and treat each other well.

Have a splendid 2007!

Nathan Lewis for The Daily Reckoning

Editor's Note: Nathan Lewis was formerly the Chief International Economist of a firm that provides investment advice to institutional investors. Today, he is part of the investing team at an asset-management company. He has written for the Financial Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Daily Yomiuri, Japan Times, Pravda, Dow Jones Newswires, and other publications. He has appeared on financial programs in the US, Asia, and the Middle East.

He writes about economics and other matters from time to time at his Website

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    I have been hearing a lot about "cytokine storm" lately. This is in reference to the 1918-1919 pandemic influenza attack that killed millions. Everywhere it is being said that this is what made the pandemic of that time so deadly. If I recall correctly, you--from your research studies--had already reasoned this out years ago, and what to do about it. You said that what killed the victims then, was that in their bodies there was:
"An exaggerated inflammatory response to the viral invasion, which generated an immense immune response. And this is what killed the victims"
Can you elaborate on this?


    When the 1918 flu struck, it was shocking in the manner in which it killed! It killed rather suddenly---within days of contracting this particular virus. And, as you have stated, it did so by creating an:
  • Exaggerated inflammatory response, which called forth
  • A sudden and immense immune response.
    Also, that particular virus did something that no other particular virus had done, that we know of, before in history. This was to affect the hypothalamic or pituitary portion of the brain and that reaction affect the adrenal cortex, such that it caused the body to shut down all or most of its secretions of Cortisol, the necessary hormone to tame the exaggerated inflammatory and immune response. These two things constitute a "cytokine storm,"---chemical messengers between immune cells and others cells. This communication is usually normal; but in the case of "cytokine storm," the communication is overly done with disastrous results.

    In the third edition of Safe Uses of Cortisol, Dr. William McK. Jefferies writes:
"We now know that the influenza virus attacks the human body by impairing the production of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which, in turn, impairs the production of cortisol, the only hormone that is absolutely essential for life."

    Cytokines are "Soluble substances secreted by cells, which have a variety of effects on other cells," according to the Fourth and Fifth Edition, Immunology: A Short Course by Benjamini et al., Wiley-Liss. The authors further write:

"Cytokines play a key role in the inflammatory response. Interleukin-1 and interleukin-6 (IL-1, IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) are among the most important cytokines involved.

"These cytokines released by activated macrophages induce adhesion molecules on the walls of vascular endothelial cells to which neutrophils, monocytes, and lymphocytes adhere before moving out of the vessel through a process called extravasation, to the affected tissue. These cytokines also induce coagulation and increased vascular permeability. Other cytokines, including IL-8 and interferon-gamma, exert additional effects such as increased chemotaxis for leukocytes and increased phagocytosis.

"All these effects result in the accumulation of fluid (edema) and leukocytic cells in the injured areas. These in turn, amplify the response further since additional biologically active compounds are transported in the fluid and also are released from the accumulated cells, attracting and activating still more cells."

    This way, one would not have drowned in his own fluids, had the Cortisol secretion not been shut off, for the lungs became a soggy, bloody mass of fluid and tissue within days and with no means to control it and allow the body overcome the occurring situation.

    I am hearing everything to ingest to stop the flu or to lessen its effects, from one vitamin tablet daily to numerous special herbs, antioxidants, and specialty products such as oil of oregano and other essential oils. This is all well and good, be in shape biochemically and physically, going into any type of dysfunction.

Note: For the Bird Flu, Consider...
The following are given only as guidelines for your thinking and your physician (if he is still alive) and not intended to treat. It is only a suggestion. Take it in that light.
  • Tamiflu (Prescription Medication): have it on hand; but, it may not work! We have evidence of this happening in Asia where one or two people were administered the medication when struck with "Bird" flu and it did not save them.

  • We now prefer Ribavirin (Prescription Medication), a hepatitis C drug that has been found to stop replication of the influenza virus when original researchers ingested it themselves after seeing the results on laboratory animals that had hepatitis C and had developed influenza. When given the drug, it stopped the flu within days. The same occurred in the lab scientists who reasoned, "Why not?...let's try it," when they came down with the viral flu infection--- See previous editions of Update.

  • Prednisone, 10 mg scored tablets; 100 tablets (Prescription Medication). This is taking the place of Cortisol. It is suggested if this coming pandemic is extremely virulent---kills within a few days or sooner, that if one contracts this virulence, then start within hours of such contraction, 1/2 tablet morning and evening, increasing one tablet in the morning and one in the evening to control the exaggerated inflammatory response. You may need to even increase the dosage by 1/2 tablet or more if the inflammation shows no signs of abating within two days and appears to be definitely increasing, and you're still alive. This is given only as a guideline for your thinking and your physician (if he is still alive) and not intended to treat. It is only a suggestion. Take it in that light.

  • Excess iron stores in tissues: Many scientists now feel, because iron is added to everything, most adults have too much iron in their tissues, though serum blood tests are normal. Therefore, we suggest---if there are no contraindications (anemia, cancer, etc.)---donate blood every 56 days to lower iron stores. Bacteria and viruses use iron differently from one another, with bacteria using it the most; but viruses do use it.

  • Vitamins A & D: We suggest one start now on (adults) Vitamin A: 25,000 units with 1,000 units vitamin D as a combination. Carlson makes this amalgam. We also suggest Vitamin D by itself by Carlson products also. The Vitamin D: 1,000 units. Both should be taken daily. The vitamin A helps, not known by many, with proper utilization of protein. Those who follow high protein diets need true vitamin A. This is used in numerous reactions in the body.

    Note: This is an animal product; not found in fruits, vegetables, leafy green vegetables and seeds and grains. What you find in vegetables is beta-carotene. Depending upon your diet, status of your liver, and thyroid health, and if you're a diabetic, you may not be converting beta-carotene into true vitamin A. Beta-carotene is provitamin A. Get the real thing!

    We still see books by MDs, nutritionists, and others saying you get vitamin A in fruits and vegetables. You get it only from organ meats, COD liver oil, egg yolks, real lard, butter and similar ilk. Give children COD liver oil. Under one year of age, a few drops from an eye-dropper daily, after two weeks old. Older, up to a teaspoon or two daily after age of three months.

  • Vitamin D is now receiving the reputation of The Antibiotic Vitamin, so writes Science News, November 11, 2006, vol. 170. They point out "that vitamin D boosts production in white blood cells of one of the antimicrobial compounds that defends the body against germs." The effective antimicrobial agent production that is ratcheted up in the white cells by vitamin D is Cathelicidin. This substance, found in white cells and ratcheted up by vitamin D, punches holes in the bacterial or viral membrane and lets its cell machinery flood out, destroying the microbial.

  • The question is why does the influenza virus always attack the lungs? What, if any, was the evolutionary response to cause this, such that it is the lung tissue that is always attacked; not others, except associated structures, but especially the lungs?

    There are structures on lung cells that do not appear to be expressed elsewhere. They are a special form of adhesion molecules. This protein structure appears to have an affinity for certain structures on the virion (virus) in that the virus use these proteins on its surface to attach to the lung tissue; otherwise it would degraded by polymorphonuclear leukocytes (white cells) and other phagocytic (to eat) cells of the body.

    Under the circumstances of adhesion molecules, it might be prudent to add to your armamentarium list, Benadryl or some such similar, and later, cimetidine---all over the counter medications. Be warned, however, cimetidine does slow down thyroid activity.

    • It appears that the reason influenza attacks during the winter months and reaches its peak between December to March is because of low Sun light. The Northern hemisphere has the most population that registers this malady because there is very little Sun in the winter. Coupled with the fact that people avoid the Sun for cancer fears, little vitamin D is produced. And this is hypothesized by a number of scientists now to be one of the main causes for influenza appearing in the winter months, and being so virulent.

    • "Black people, because of the sun-filtering effect of dark pigments in their skin, are far more likely than whites to be vitamin D deficient."---Science News 10/16/04, p. 248.

      In view of the established fact that illegal aliens now entering the country, bringing with them a resistant strain of tuberculosis, we will undoubtedly witness more infections. At particular risk are black American citizens.

      Science News writes in the November 11, 2006, Vol. 170:
      "...blacks tend to be more susceptible to TB than whites and to develop a more severe illness when infected."
      Knowing the above and the fact that flu, colds, and any respiratory disease generated during the winter months occurs with greater frequency and severity than that which occurs during the summer months, it would be wise to start now to ingest Cod Liver Oil (COD) daily.

      We recommend Carlson Norwegian COD with Lemon Taste. Adults should take 1 - 2 tablespoons per day and consume additionally Carlson Vitamin A & D (25,000 A/1000 D) once per day. I, additionally, have my patients on Carlson Vitamin D 1000 IU daily.

  • Lactoferrin is protein you can get at natural food stores. Lactoferrin in mother's milk has been shown to boost immune activity and reduce inflammation. This substance might be advantageous to have on hand; it just may give the body a fighting chance. Lactoferrin fights fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It even fights urinary-tract infections after it is degraded in digestion. Its fragments fight these infections as it is eliminated in the urine.

    The two outstanding problems that may surface again with a flu pandemic is an exaggerated inflammatory response and an intense over-reaction of the immune system.

    Lactoferrin reduces inflammatory over-reactions of the immune system.
    Get the Life Extension Brand of lactoferrin.

  • Immune System: I am hearing nutritionists, physicians and laypersons now using the term "Cytokine Storm." They are associating this with the Bird Flu that may hit our shores next year or so; or, sooner. Then, these well-meaning people say, "Build your immune system....take this and this....and that...." I don't think they realize what they are saying or what a "Cytokine Storm" is! The two are incongruous in this case.

    Recall from one of The Updates you are quoting from, I pointed out that textbooks, research papers, and various virologists have commented that the young were the ones most virulently attacked by the 1918 flu. Infants and elderly died too, but primarily the young in their prime. Why?---they did not know then, but only recently discovered the reason---Because their immune system was in its prime also, and this created the "cytokine storm" everyone is now talking about and probably do not know what it really means, except for bacteriologists/microbiologists and virologists.

  • Bunker Mode: If a pandemic of any nature with extreme virulence hits our shores, the only thing to do is to stay out of harm's way! Hunker down. Stay within. Do not go out. Let it pass over. Then, another problem surfaces...and all the time this necessitates having:

    • Food storage program.
    • Water Stored and knowledge of water purification.
    • Sanitation properly done (digging a latrine and where).
    • Medicine List.
    • Fire Arm(s) for safety, including a shotgun, long rifle, and a .22 rifle and more than enough ammunition.
    • Soft or Hard Face Mask, lightly saturated with Eucalyptus oil. The mask, it has been shown, will allow virions to breach its implied safety, but the Eucalyptus oil may help in controlling the entry of the virus into the nasal and pharynx area (nose and throat).

    Why all this: Because estimates range from 20 to 60 million dead; now some researchers are estimating 80 million dead. Shipments will be delayed for weeks to months. The work force will be devastated. There will be a breakdown in the division of labor. Civil services will be gone. This all will generate a "madness" in people to take what they want. There will be confusion, chaos, and gangs plundering for three things:

    • Food
    • Fuel and ...
    • Females

    Get Prepared! The Life you save will be your own! Don't depend on others....and this means wives and husbands. Everybody has to carry part of the load.

    When we emerge from this, my, what we will have learned. Common decency, respect, and care for others will return; we will become good stewards of the Earth again.

    Children and teens that survive will become respectful and obedient to parents and laws. More good parenting will occur. Parents will raise their children, such that teachers will enjoy teaching and will do teaching without all the red tape paper work that now teaching engenders. They will not be baby sitters. Students will be studious again, seekers of knowledge. Not like what you see Here:

(Click Twice on Arrow)
Memorial High School
Port Arthur, Texas

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This is what the reloader wrote (printed as is):
"i am not the original poster of the videos. the orginial artists decided to delete them, so before they did it i downloaded the clips and created this account so the readers of the pa news can see this.

"P.A.I.S.D requested to youtube that the original videos to be deleted to not create bad publicity. i say haha to that, because look who uploaded them. -CAN'T TOUCH THIS-

    With the Division Of Labor now split, things will be least for a while...but My, How Quickly We Forget....

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Exorcism In Situ

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